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Digital inclusion and the future of artificial intelligence

By Ellen Ferrara, Head of Marketing Communications, BT Global Services.

One of the great benefits of working for a company like BT is the top-notch speakers that are attracted to corporate meetings by our Innovation heritage. I’ve rarely been so inspired, intellectually provoked … and scared out of my wits … as I was in the presence of Ben Hammersley at a session last week.

UK editor of Wired and all-round digital guru, Hammersley gave us an exciting insight into the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI); particularly thrilling for us since we provide the networks that link all this stuff up. The potential for complete life transformation just around the corner is magical. And so is the potential to put vast numbers out of work as technology makes their jobs redundant. Suddenly, “digital inclusion” became something far more pertinent than educating young or old; it’s going to be the key to preventing a dystopian future in line with dark sci-fi fantasies. [Read more…]

South East Asia

IT chiefs see infrastructure and innovation as critical success factors

Will the Tiger Cub economies – Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand – grow into adult beasts like the Asian Tigers of the 20th century, who won their stripes on the back of sustained export booms? The answer’s not simple. Today’s global economy is different. And so are the challenges.

“[Young Asian people] are wired, empowered by technology,” notes John West, executive director of the Asian Century Institute, in a recent article. Their new-found access to information puts pressure on governments to be more accountable, but it highlights the imperative to stay ahead of their network aspirations too. Advanced IT and telecoms solutions now power everything from global supply chains to the specialist needs of finance and biotechnology. For the Tiger Cubs, they’ll be indispensable to progress. [Read more…]


Bringing the benefits of cloud to the life sciences sector

By Yury Rozenman, Head of Business Development, Healthcare and Life Sciences

Scientific discovery hinges on the ability to bring the right minds together, at the right time. But how do you achieve this free-flowing collaboration in an environment that’s fundamentally restricted by absolutely essential regulatory and compliance requirements?

[Read more…]

The art of distraction: innovation at Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

The art of distraction

The moment a child’s face lights up in wonder is one anyone loves to see. Achieving that in hospital elevates it from a moment of wonder to a moment of distraction. All of a sudden, having a blood sample taken, getting an x-ray or having a procedure done isn’t something that’s so bad.

At EHI Live 2014, the audience entered that moment as they heard of Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust’s plans for the future. [Read more…]

Paul Appleton, Client Relationship Director, BT Global Services

Wi-fi: the future of shopper connectivity

By Paul Appleton, Client Relationship Director, BT Global Services

Walk down any high street and you’ll see the vast majority of people connecting and sharing on their phones. In food outlets, browsing in shops, (stopped, inconveniently in the middle of the pavement…), many of us have our phones glued to our hands: we’re online.

From finding out where to go, to brand matching offers or just keeping in touch, our smart devices are an integral part of shopping. And internet access opens up a whole wallet of new possibilities: think how instantly available stock information can transform the anti-shopper’s experience, or how on-demand TV makes every store your living room. Add in interactive location-based offers and information, and shopping becomes entertainment that’s highly profitable for retailers. You’ve got to be strong-minded to resist an instant online voucher. [Read more…]