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Back in Time…for Innovation.

By Dr Nicola Millard, Head of Customer Insight & Futures, BT Global Innovation team.

Can you remember what life was like before the internet, social media and smartphones? I couldn’t Tweet, Skype or SnapChat with my friends and family. I had to head down to the red phone box on the corner of the road with a pile of coins in order to catch up with all the news and gossip. [Read more…]


Fighting an upstream battle.

By Chris Mason, Global Industry Practice Lead, Energy and Resources.

The right technology can improve your business safety tests. The Macondo disaster was allegedly caused by a botched safety test. With the right technology it could have been averted – and here’s why.

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Jack Porter, Head of Manufacturing, BTGS

The connected car, coming to a road near you.

By Jack Porter, Head of Manufacturing, BT Global Services.

As the market for the connected car takes off, it could make driving a whole lot safer for everyone. Our new infographic puts you in the picture.

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Niall Dunne, CSO, BTGS.

Three truths behind the transformational power of ICT.

By Niall Dunne, CSO, BT Group.

ICT is more than just a business tool — it’s also leading the world into the next industrial revolution, as well as helping us to protect the environment. [Read more…]


Why the NHS needs to focus on more than just new technology.

By Glenn Carmichael, Principal Consultant, Business Transformation, BT Advise.

New technology is only part of overcoming the challenges faced by the NHS. Here’s why you need a solid plan for how your digital transformation will work. [Read more…]