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Nicola Millard

Just what the doctor ordered…

Our resident Customer Experience Futurologist, Dr. Nicola Millard, spends her days far off in the distant future, predicting what’s around the corner. Whether it’s technology, the customer journey or the retail experience, there’s not much that Nicola can’t turn her expert eye to.

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The Art of Connecting — a master class in connectivity

From multinationals that span the globe, revolutionising industry to regional firms that underpin daily life in specific areas, technology plays an important role in enabling organisations to provide effective communications — a key element in delivering successful business outcomes.

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Public sector digital drive puts pressure on traditional partnering model

We tend to imagine that the private sector and big business are the ones pushing the boundaries when it comes to innovation and adopting new technology. But, in fact, a lot of the most interesting technology projects in the UK have been rolled out by public sector organisations across government, healthcare and defence.

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Connectivity for Colombia

Spanning over one million square kilometres, Colombia is known for some of the most breath-taking landscapes in the world. From the mountain ranges of the Andes to tropical grasslands to Amazonian rain forest, it’s got it all, so the government’s goal of providing internet access to half of the homes in the country by the end of 2014, is ambitious.

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Video conferencing

INFOGRAPHIC: Video conferencing and the future of business communications

It’s remarkable technology that’s changed the way we communicate, yet the conference call is still evolving for ever more efficient business meetings. It’s already given us the ability to instantly connect with colleagues around the world, so what’s the next step on the path to even quicker conferencing? How can you give your collaboration and productivity a further boost? [Read more…]