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Martin Hunt

How ethical hacking tips the connected car’s balance of risk.

By Martin Hunt, Senior Business Development Director, Automotive Global Industry Practice, BT.

When you’ve developed a brand-spanking new car you’d think a top-of-the-range alarm system would be the highest level of protection you’d need to provide. Actually, in today’s world of connected cars, you’d be better off investing in the services of an ethical hacker. [Read more…]

Superfast Cornwall Director, Ranulf Scarbrough

Connected Cornwall – a clean, green, economic machine.

By Ranulf Scarbrough, director of Superfast Cornwall.

Today, Cornwall is one of the best connected rural areas in Europe.

Thanks to the Superfast Cornwall project, a partnership between BT, the EU, and Cornwall Council, the region is now served by an optical fibre broadband network that now reaches 95 per cent of Cornish homes and businesses.

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Tim Rooney

Why you need to start planning your move to IPv6.

By Tim Rooney, Director of Product Management, BT Diamond IP.

We recently invited network engineers to participate in an online survey to get an idea of how many businesses are moving to IPv6 (the latest internet address protocol). We’ve done this for the last five years, and the headline result is that we’ve seen a steady climb in the number of organisations updating (or planning to update) their networks to avoid running out of IPv4 addresses.

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Mark Hughes, President, BT Security

A positive approach to cyber security

By Mark Hughes, President, BT Security.

Just how good are the UK’s national cyber defences?  This was one of the themes at a recent conference sponsored by BT and KMPG, and organised by the think tank Reform. I joined a panel of speakers who explored to what extent the UK has the appropriate detection, intelligence and control capabilities to respond to cyber threats. [Read more…]

Creativity and the modern CIO

A box of tricks to boost business

The boardroom is desperate for the kind of creative thinking that will turn businesses around and make the most of every minute of productivity. Today, more than two in three organisations have higher expectations of their IT leaders to address their broader business challenges. It’s time to turn to IT as the leg-up to more agile businesses that are prepared for whatever the future throws at them.

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