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Craig Chadburn

July — the cream of the crop

The global demand for all things digital shows no sign of slowing down, and the stream of technological innovation is in no danger of drying up. No one knows better than us how the rapidly changing landscape can impact on organisations around the world. Here’s the cream of July’s crop — looking into how technology is revolutionising workplaces in every sector.

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Richard Brooker

A diagnosis for the digital hospital

By Richard Brooker, Chief Architect – IT Managed Services Practice at BT Global Services

We’re familiar with hospital’s using IT for systems such as Patient Administration Systems and Electronic Medical Records. But not many of us are aware of just how much IT pervades medical care – from relatively static devices to very portable and mobile items of equipment.

An example of the fixed device would be a ‘Pharmacy Robot’ that manages the storage, dispensing, returning and restocking of medications. Such “robots” provide for a faster dispensing process, reduced stock holdings and the elimination of medication errors. [Read more...]

It’s holiday season: leave the stress at home

By Phil Blincko, Global Head of BT Advise Connect Practise, BT

As the holidays approach, we’re all thinking about the sunny getaway we’ve booked, imagining the sounds of the waves lapping on the shore and day-dreaming about those warm evenings spent with our friends and family — it’s an exciting time. But as you start to pack your suitcase the stress starts to mount; it’s hardly the relaxing break you envisioned.

There’s so much planning involved: you need to make sure you’ve got your passport, you’ve bought that map and you’ve exchanged your money into the right currency. There’s a lot to remember. And as your family grows, so does your to-do list — now there are five suitcases, five tickets and five boarding passes when there used to be one. [Read more...]

future of networks

The future of networks: harmonising the next service model

A new app marketplace model for services is starting to take off. As CIO, you’re looking for a service provider who talks less about stats and specs and more about what your customer wants, says our senior marketing manager, Jonathan Sumner.

Rather than all your service providers working separately, they’ll band together under one broker. You’ll have one contact for all your services. And they’ll make sure all your service providers work in harmony. [Read more...]

C4ABF in Singapore

INFOGRAPHIC: The art of connecting Singapore

Our second infographic focusing on the AMEA region takes a closer look at Singapore and how business decision-makers there feel about the global market and expansion. Interestingly, after Hong Kong, it has the second freest economy in the world. With a population of just 5.4 million, how do Singaporean decision-makers feel about the potential for growth?

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