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Hubertus von Roenne smart cities

Connected cars mean smarter cities

By Hubertus von Roenne,  VP Global Industry Practices, BT Global Services.

With more than a billion cars now on the world’s roads it’s pretty safe to assume, mankind loves motoring. And this is despite the number of road traffic accidents, congestion and pollution caused by our vehicles each and every day. However, innovations like the internet of things and connected cars are beginning to rev up a mood of optimism across the transport sector.

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Future of Collaboration

How to collaborate between continents

With 2,200 associates supporting more than 250 law firms and multinationals around the globe, legal outsourcers Integreon needed a way to gather their people together without crossing continents.

With every associate bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, the business potential and added value of collaboration was spotted by Integreon’s CIO of integration, Thomas Jaycox. [Read more…]

Jonny Cowlin

Taken to out-task

By Jonny Cowlin, Director, Energy, Infrastructure & Manufacturing.

I recently spoke to a friend whose organisation is moving to out-task its IT services. He reckons it’s a ‘better option for most organisations than outsourcing’. I begged to differ. Like many things in life, it’s just not that simple… [Read more…]


OutPACE cyber threats

“The traditional security perimeter has dissolved. Cloud computing and mobile devices have the potential to make organisations more efficient, but they also introduce new risks.” Mark Hughes, president of BT Security.

A mobile threat

By 2020 there will be another 200 billion devices connected to the internet and many of these devices could provide a new way in for hackers.

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Driving better care in the NHS with mobile technology

The NHS arguably faces its most difficult challenge since its creation. As well as improving its standard of care, it has to look after a growing number of patients while funding remains tight. However, as Humber NHS Foundation Trust shows, mobile technology offers a cost effective solution for a more efficient service. [Read more…]