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Audio conferencing

Hearing the difference for yourself

By David Stark, Global VP of Portfolio and GM for Europe

Our launch events in Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Singapore a few weeks ago were certainly something to be proud of. The reaction from colleagues and customers alike reminded me how important audio conferencing is to business communications.

For us, conferencing is a common occurrence. We use it every day to collaborate with colleagues and it helps us make decisions more quickly. But that’s not the case in every organisation. [Read more…]

Nicola Millard

From Scotch eggs to ‘Pretotyping’: a 21st century retailer’s view of innovation

By Nicola Millard, BT Customer Experience Futurologist.

When you hear the words ‘Fortnum & Mason’ you probably think about traditional, old-fashioned retailing — afternoon tea or beautiful cheese-and-wine-filled picnic hampers (or is this just me?).

You probably don’t think about innovation.

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Martin Hunt

Connected cars putting security in a spin

By Martin Hunt, Senior Business Development Director, Automotive Global Industry Practice, BT.

In 2020, more than 90 per cent of cars will be ‘connected’. By 2025 the market for autonomous cars will have grown to $42 billion. As smart cities connect people and devices with sensors, cars are becoming the latest mobile devices — an exciting development that offers vast potential. This includes the ability to let our cars drive themselves, which could have a dramatic effect on car ownership.

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Looking out for the next game-changer

By Nick Farr-Jones, Chairman of NSW Rugby Union and former captain of the Australian Rugby Union team.

Advanced technology is everywhere, impacting our lives every day and it’s always changing — allowing us to do things in a way we could have never imagined before. The sporting arena is no exception; with every new breaking wave of innovation, there’s change to be seen. That’s why, on Wednesday 4 March, BT and Cisco will use video technology to bring together business leaders and sportspeople in Sydney, London and Singapore to discuss the impact of technology and innovation in sport and business.

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Martin Smillie

A blueprint for effective collaboration

By Martin Smillie, Global Head of Advise Business Technology Services  

Not so long ago, the worlds of telecoms and IT lived in separate, neat little compartments and were handled by different IT teams. Over the past couple of years, however, I’ve seen this rather cosy environment change radically with the rapid introduction of new collaboration apps — along with the tools to integrate them — developed by both industry giants and niche players. [Read more…]