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Hong Kong Art of Connecting

Supply OR demand: the real energy revolution

Richard Lancaster, Chief Executive Officer, China Light and Power Holdings

On 7 October this year, I was happy to speak at the BT & Cisco Leadership Summit Art of Connecting in Hong Kong where thought leaders from a range of technology industries came together to share their views on our changing world and the growing importance of using technology creatively in business.

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Bill Holford defence

Information: the changing nature of warfare

By Bill Holford, client partner, Defence

In today’s connected world, information is at the heart of most organisations. Getting the right information to the right people at the right time can enable the right decision to be made.

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Wael El Kabbany_3

Innovation is everyone’s job

By Wael El Kabbany, Managing Director BT Middle East and North Africa

For a moment, cast your mind back to pre-industrial times. It was a period in which farmers and artisans had a close relationship with their customers; receiving direct feedback from them. It allowed these craftsmen to adjust their work to the tastes of their patron. The introduction of large scale organisations at the turn of the twentieth century resulted in employees losing that intimacy, as these companies split into divisions, departments and functions. The average employee became more specialized in their work and was cast further adrift from the actual customer. As cogs in the machine employees lost all sense of emotional attachment to the end product and the customer. 

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conferencing journey trust BT

The conferencing journey to better conversations

Once upon a time our options for collaboration were rather thin on the ground: face to face meetings were the pinnacle of communication, and getting everyone in one room was a struggle. Now we’re in an age where we’re constantly in touch with technology through our personal devices — from tablets at our tables to our phones as we walk down the street. And, increasingly, they’re helping business thrive through conferencing solutions.

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Yury Rozenman, Head of Business Development, Healthcare and Life Sciences

Secure collaboration for all industries – Interview with CEO of Exostar continued

By: Yury Rozenman, Head of Business Development, Healthcare and Life Sciences

Last week I shared an excerpt of a discussion that I had with Richard Addi, CEO at Exostar. As a reminder, Exostar is Specialist Member of the BT for Life Sciences partner ecosystem. They are also a global industry-leader in identity management for secure cloud-based solutions. Below is a continuation of our discussion. [Read more...]