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Simon Ormston

Digital re-imagining for utilities – is it turned on or off?

By Simon Ormston, Head of Utilities, BT Global Services

Many high street brands have made real progress in adopting multi-channel retailing in recent years, and this has had the effect of raising the expectations of customers, who require and demand an easy and fast digital experience and they really do want it now. When it comes to utilities, they expect the option to log-on and track their consumption and bill in real-time, with access to round-the-clock support via phone and a multitude of other channels.

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SASOL: Building communities across continents

Have you ever seen a balloon burst in slow motion? It’s remarkable to see the consequence of stretching something beyond its limit so clearly. If you pump too much air into a balloon, the likelihood is it’ll explode; if not now, then at the lightest touch. This is because, as the membrane expands, it loses its integrity. Its fibres are pulled apart to the point that any minor stress breaks their bonds beyond repair. It’s a good illustration of the stresses and strains facing business today. Organisations are currently operating on a global scale that’s never been seen before. And, while it’s true that a company has a wider reach with offices right around the world, staying in touch can prove complicated, expensive and environmentally unfriendly. [Read more...]


The future of networks: a revolution sparked by the new kids on the block

It won’t be long before you can buy your IT services like a commodity, and our CTO for cloud services, John Gillam, believes CIOs need to embrace the change and go with it.

As CIO, you don’t need to have multiple conversations with multiple vendors like you used to. Before, you had to talk to 15 different people for things like your printing, your computing and your software. Now you can talk to one broker who’ll manage the hassle for you. They’ll put all your services in one place, and it’s the cloud that makes it possible. [Read more...]

Mike Parfitt

People are an organisation’s strongest asset

By Mike Parfitt, Head of Marketing, Central Government, BT Global Services

If people are an organisation’s strongest asset, then helping them to realise their full potential has got to be near the top of any executive’s to do list.

Giving people the right tools and the right environment to work in can empower them to deliver high quality services.

In the Civil Service, many people have to battle against outdated IT, poorly designed workplaces and inflexible working practices. The way they work has changed, but the tools and environment have stayed the same. [Read more...]

Tim Rooney

Looking into the future of the internet – what will IPv6 hold?

By Tim Rooney, Director, Project Management Team at BT Diamond IP

Any scepticism surrounding the exponential growth predictions for IPv6 can be dismissed thanks to new data. Google statistics now show that the number of IPv6 users accessing its websites has now exceeded four per cent of total users, up from three per cent in February 2014. And this growth is expected to continue to reach between 9.9 and 14.9 per cent by the end of 2015.

With Google well known as the web’s favourite, this data gives a hint of trends that are happening all over the internet, offering insight into the future rise of IPv6 more broadly. With this interesting information available, I have used the data to create a projection that predicts the further growth of IPv6. [Read more...]