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Dave Dunbar, GM, Flexible Working Services

What mobility strategy?

By Dave Dunbar, Head of Advise Anywhere, BT Advise UK

Mobility used to be all about minutes and tariffs. It used to a commodity, pure and simple. Things have changed.

The Mobility ecosystem is evolving at a frightening pace. Your devices and PC’s have gone feral. They’ve gotten out, met with their much more rebellious consumer focussed cousins and formed a brand new tribe. Right now, we are in a transition phase between a past where devices, data and applications were owned and controlled by the enterprise and a new reality where enterprise solutions will sit within a much more diffuse and distributed cauldron of functionality. [Read more...]

Bill Holford

A 21st Century Solution to Staying Connected

By Bill Holford, client partner, Defence

A few weeks ago, we looked at communications during World War One. Now we’re bringing the story up to date with a look at how things have changed in the 21st Century.

Communication technology was implemented continuously throughout WW1 and BT’s predecessor the Post Office made important contributions to the war effort, from pioneering field telephone communications via cable and wireless to intercepting German signals. [Read more...]

Ron Totton

59 Grand Slams, 9 Wimbledon titles, 120 BT employees, 6 countries & 1 tennis legend: Meeting Martina

By Ron Totton, MD South East Asia, BT Global Services

Upon being informed that Martina Navratilova was going to be in the BT Singapore office last Friday afternoon I was instantly excited.  I felt in a weird state of shock – a nine time Wimbledon champion was going to be in our office meeting with our local staff .

I have watched tennis my whole life but as a youth I played competitively and dreamed of dominating my community under 11 section as Martina dominated women’s tennis in the 80’s and a good chunk of the 90’s.

I was the lucky one to host Martina  and I was nervous!  As I was introduced, she shook my hand with the firmest handshake I have ever experienced and the stare in the eyes that forced a wake-up call. [Read more...]

Cyber Security

Do you know what makes a complex password?

These days, most of us can’t go one day without using a password. One way or another we all use them, whether it’s on our computer at work, accessing mobile banking, or when booking train tickets. What’s more, throwaway passwords are becoming more and more commonplace — we now have to set-up an account to watch catch-up television, or download a one-off white paper.

With passwords coming out of our ears, it’s no wonder that sometimes, we fall back on disposable passwords like ‘password’ or ‘abc123’. Everyone does it — especially when we’re unaware of the potential risks. It’s important to remember that these passwords may be easy to remember, but they’re also easily guessed. [Read more...]

Lucy Cowcill

How can ICT help reshape government: the future of government smart toolbox

By Lucy Cowcill, head of communications, BT Global Health

The challenge ‘to do more with less’ is something that governments face the world over.

I believe the transformation that this demands cannot happen without technology playing an even bigger role than it does today.

[Read more...]