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INFOGRAPHIC: Changing the premise of IT.

The most profound change in organisations across the globe is being driven by three key technology trends: cloud; mobility and collaboration; and data. In fact 19 per cent of organisations describe themselves as completely cloud-centric, with all their applications and infrastructure in the cloud. A further 46 per cent are predominantly cloud-centric, with more than half of their applications and infrastructure in the cloud. The pressure to adopt the cloud is evident too, with 65 per cent of organisations reporting that their current infrastructure is struggling to support the rapid adoption of digital technologies.
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The key to tackling climate change is right in front of you.

By Graham Seabrook, Head of Sustainability Advisory Services, BT.

Technology can change the world — especially when it comes to preventing global warming. Here’s how you can use your ICT to cut your carbon footprint. [Read more…]

Richard Hall, BT Defence

Defence Information ’16 — bringing business agility to Defence.

By Richard Hall, Sales Director, BT Defence.

Defence Information ’16 focused on how Defence can achieve the agility found in business. Here’s what we brought to the event.

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Sarah Moseley 0521

How to win at digital retail in 2016.

By Sarah Moseley, Head of Customer Innovation, BT

Smart planning, bold decisions and the right technology will put digital retailers ahead of the pack. Here’s the insight to make this happen. [Read more…]

Fabrice De Windt - CEO of BT Benelux organisation

Only your imagination is a limit to what technology is capable of today

In February 2016, Fabrice De Windt was appointed CEO of BT’s Benelux organisation. Fabrice is Belgian but has spent the past five years working internationally, serving some of BT’s biggest customers around the globe.

In his previous role, Fabrice was responsible for BT’s financial services customers in Europe and before that held a global sales management role. In other words, Fabrice comes from the front-line trenches, where he has had first-hand experience helping large enterprises deal with the challenges of digital transformation. We asked Fabrice about his perspective on the market’s major trends – and how BT is responding. [Read more…]