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VIDEO: Harness the power of your network.

Put rock-solid IT foundations in place with BT Connect Intelligence IWAN — the key to creating a network that’s ready for anything the future may hold. [Read more…]


Keep business cool in the heat — shelter under the cloud.

By Paula Naeme, UK Marketing Manager, Unify.

Sometimes British summer puts on a show — reminding us sunshine can be as disruptive as snow. Here’s the technology you need when the heat’s turned up on your business.

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Ben Ainslie's Land Rover BAR team

BT and sport: putting in 100 per cent.

Last year, BT and Sir Ben Ainslie launched the 100% Sport campaign, uniting sports fans to take action for a more sustainable world.

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Ramon Miquel Planas, BT One Marketing

Cloud-based collaboration in the workplace.

By Ramon Miquel Planas, BT One Marketing.

Markets, economies and people are more closely linked than ever before. So the need for effective collaboration is growing.

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Bas Burger, President, BT in the Americas

Protecting your business from for-profit cyber-criminal enterprises.

By Bas Burger, President – BT in the Americas.

Increasingly sophisticated, highly-organized and dangerously formidable, cyber-criminal enterprises pose a substantial threat to the security and the bottom line of organizations around the globe.

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