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Technology set to remedy the NHS

By Paul Llewellyn, Subject Matter Expert and Clinical Lead, Connected Solutions.

The NHS is in my DNA. My mother was a nurse for 40 years, nine of her sisters were nurses, my brother is a paramedic and I qualified as a nurse in 1996. Collectively we have served the NHS for just over 320 years. [Read more…]

Luis Alvarez

Fortune favours the CIO

By Luis Alvarez, CEO, BT Global Services

If the Internet of Things becomes a reality, within six years, there could be 50 billion connected devices in the world. Many of these will be used by my company, our customers and suppliers. The amount of data these devices generate will be huge.

This makes me excited – excited about the opportunity and excited about the challenge.

It’s fair to say that few CEOs have followed the same career path as I have. As a former CIO, I’ve got a firm grasp of technology and its potential. But at the same time, I know that many fellow CEOs struggle to grasp concepts such as the Internet of Things and what it means for their business.   [Read more…]


Business needs more fluid thinking

At the World Economic Forum in Davos this January, CEOs from all over the globe explored ways they can ensure their companies thrive in a new global context. It’s an interesting time for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and the changes they need to make are threefold.  [Read more…]

Lucy Cowcill

A digital world open to everyone

By Lucy Cowcill, Head of Communications, BT Global Government and Health

In our recent survey of nearly four hundred local government officials, Public Services: delivering the next generation of change, we asked what kind of feedback they’d had from citizens about their experience of using online services. [Read more…]


Leading Market Maker settles on an innovative solution

In global equities, communication is crucial during the entire execution cycle from pre-trade right through to settlement. When issues with their old messaging platform started to impact operations, Wayne Davies, Head of Networks and Infrastructure at Winterflood Securities considered alternative solutions. [Read more…]