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Image from cloud collaboration infographic

How cloud collaboration cuts costs and boosts efficiency.

Investment in new IT infrastructure may seem a scary step. But moving your organisation to the cloud can have significant benefits for your bottom line.

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How to make mobile banking accessible to all.

Technology can have a huge impact on finance in every region of the world. Here’s how cloud services can transform the potential of mobile banking. [Read more…]

Keith Langridge, Vice President of Network Services, BT.

Why you need a balanced approach to your network’s future.

By Keith Langridge, Vice President of Network Services, BT.

Keith Langridge, fresh from the WAN Summit, explains why there’s lots to think about when it comes to the future of your network.

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With biometrics, security really is at your fingertips.

By Matthew Key, Head of Customer Innovation, Global Banking and Financial Market, BT.

Biometrics is a developing area of technology that improves identity-based security. And in this blog I’ll look at some of the exciting innovations hitting the market. [Read more…]

Image of agile workers from collaboration conundrum infographic

INFOGRAPHIC: Why collaboration tools alone are not enough.

Encouraging collaboration at work is much like signing up to a gym — you need to win the hearts and minds of people to keep them coming back for more.

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