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Why it’s worth bending over backwards for agile working.

By Peter Knowles, Senior Business Consultant, BT Advise

Agile working can save you money, increase employee morale and improve your service. But it’s often not implemented properly, and that’s where we can help. [Read more…]

Campbell Orr, Head of Product Management for SD-WAN

SD-WAN, it’s a sliding scale.

By Campbell Orr, Head of Product Management for SD-WAN, BT.

When it comes to implementing SD-WAN, there’s lots to consider. But before enterprises embark on a transformation journey, what do they need to ask themselves?

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Health and Social Care Network Summit.

HSCN Summit 2016: A cyber prescription for digital health.

The HSCN Summit 2016 on 4 October will tackle how UK health and care providers can achieve a safe and secure digital future. Join us there.

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How professional services can achieve better collaboration.

By Huw James, General Manager, Services Sector.

Collaboration is vital to effective business. But only if you can overcome these four common barriers.

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