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A van on delivery

Tackling transport troubles with Big Data.

By Karl Beesley, Head of Infrastructure, BT Global Services.

Big Data is making waves in every industry — used properly, the effects it can have on costs, efficiency and even safety, are prodigious. We’ve seen it at work in hugely successful businesses such as Amazon and Facebook. Both have used Big Data analysis to personalise websites and improve their customers’ experience to great financial success.  

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Block Chain Reaction.

What’s the big deal?

When a new technology promises to do the job of costly back-office systems much faster and cheaper, the question is not if the financial markets will use it, but how much and how quickly.

Block chain is a distributed ledger technology that guarantees the provenance of transactions. It proves who sold what to whom, without a central record.

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Dixons Carphone make last Christmas one to remember.

You’ve tooled up your sales people with wireless tablets. The tech is loaded up with innovative apps that smoothly guide the sales journey, offer persuasive proof points and find deals to match customers’ exact needs. Then you find out that this setup needs more bandwidth than is available to many of your stores and there’s no time for a network upgrade… [Read more…]

Mike Parfitt

What the police can learn from Formula One.

By Mike Parfitt, Head of Marketing ,Central Government and Police, BT.

I’m a huge fan of Formula One. I love the speed, the drama, the skill. But most of all, it’s the technology that keeps me hooked. Technology is constantly changing, and Formula One adapts alongside it — it’s no longer just a race to the finish line; it’s a race towards the best tech. And that makes it an exciting time to watch.

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Commune di Milano (2)

Renaissance IT in Contemporary Setting

A profile of Guido Albertini, Chief Information Officer, Comune di Milano

Guido Albertini is a pragmatist. He believes any IT project, however complex, always comes down to identifying the need, producing a plan and executing it. This laser-like focus stood him in good stead when Expo Milan 2015 came to town, promising to attract 20 million visitors over six months. [Read more…]