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BT Halloween

Cyber crime: all trick, no treat

As technology becomes ever more complex and sophisticated, so does the malicious software that aims to disrupt networks and systems or enable entry for cyber-criminals to steal valuable information. While our ability to fight off these attacks is constantly evolving, there’s nothing like a little extra vigilance to help you protect your business. [Read more...]

Security Awards

BT Security is seeing stars

BT Security has recently received accreditation to provide CREST STAR (Simulated Targeted Attack and Response) services for the Cyber Essentials (PLUS) scheme. This prestigious achievement puts BT at the forefront of delivering pioneering cyber threat prevention technology.

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floating bank art of connecting

The Art of Connecting financial services in the Amazon

For many of us accessing the World Wide Web is easy, no matter where you are, and the number of people regularly using the internet is growing around the world. However, the goal of connectivity for everyone is still far from reach.

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Integrated UCC proven BT collaboration roadmap

UC and User Adoption: why implement it if you don’t use it?

Many companies who have deployed UCC encounter user adoption problems. Atul Awasthi, Practice Head of BT Advise One and an expert in UCC, explains why this is happening and what companies can do to avoid such problems.

We first asked Atul to tell a little about his role at BT.

Atul Awasthi: I am Practice Head of Advise One for the Benelux region, with a specific focus on Unified Communications and Collaboration. While BT Global Services is a provider of standardised off-the-shelf managed services, BT Advise helps customers get the most out of those services. We work with customers to assess their needs from a business perspective and translate these into technical requirements. [Read more...]

Kent NHS

CIOs Curve Communications for Flexible Working

Kent Community Health NHS Trust, Greater Manchester Police and Barclays Bank show how to bend it like Beckham.

The government says UK businesses must be more flexible. In July 2014, every employee got the right to apply for flexible working. It enables them to work from home, adopt non-traditional working hours, and get a more positive work life balance. And employers must comply unless costs are out of line or tasks aren’t suited to working away from the office.

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