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Measure your business’ cloud aptitude.

Take the Cisco Business Cloud Advisor assessment in partnership with BT to gain a better understanding of how your organisation can leverage more value from the cloud. [Read more…]


Video conferencing takes college to the top of the class.

A US college expanded learning opportunities by embracing video conferencing with BT — keeping teaching standards high and student costs low. [Read more…]


Think you know the cloud? Think again.

Adoption of cloud solutions is on the rise, but organisations still aren’t making the most of this groundbreaking technology. Our new white paper explains why. [Read more…]

Digital Possible

INFOGRAPHIC — How technology leads the revolution.

Each industrial revolution has seen technology change the world. Here’s how adapting to the latest transformation depends on finding your digital possible. [Read more…]


Integrating SME innovation into the Smart HQ.

By Bob Seymour, Business Development Director, Defence, BT.

Making the Smart HQ a reality involves an integrated approach — and a strong ecosystem to make the most of SME innovation. [Read more…]