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Nicola Millard

Don’t count your chickens: “SuperAgents” fly the contact centre coup

By Dr Nicola Millard, Head of Customer Insight & Futures, BT Global Innovation team.

When you say the words “call centre” to most people, they conjure up an image of a football sized stadium sized warehouse, full of battery chicken type cubicles and lines of agents tethered to their phones.

Is the contact centre of the future still going to be like this? [Read more…]


Taking stock with new technology

An abundance of choice has led to an increase in consumer expectation. Shoppers are so much more informed and aware of where, when and how they can purchase the items they want. This leaves retailers facing the tough challenge of ensuring their supply chain is effective enough to always have the right stock in the right places at the right times.  [Read more…]

Jon Martin

Unified communications: now it’s personal

By Jon Martin, General Manager, UC Portfolio and Professional Services, BT Global Services

Once, unified communications (UC) was new and exotic. We’d spend a lot of time evangelising about using instant messaging, presence, video and voice on smartphones, tablets or PCs – one-to-one or in groups. But now people are familiar with these products, because they’re using them at work or in their spare time on things like FaceTime, IM and Facebook. So over the last two years, businesses have got a lot clearer about what they need from UC. And now they want to know how to put it into action.  [Read more…]

14007_CIO Creative Infographic_five_FI

The opportunity in shadow IT: Annick Vanmeulder weighs in

Spending on ‘shadow’ IT is rampant. It is touching the core of IT services and it is happening in all industries, including those that thought themselves immune, such as finance. Is IT thus becoming redundant as it loses control over the organization’s IT estate?

[Read more…]

Haruno Yoshida

It takes diversity to make an idea work

By Haruno Yoshida, president BT Japan

Different people approach problems in different ways. That’s why, if we have a problem we can’t solve ourselves, we often ask family, colleagues or friends for their point of view. Sometimes we even turn to Google and YouTube to help us!

It got me thinking about how our backgrounds shape the way we think. [Read more…]