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Andrea Foord

We’re dreaming of a bright Christmas

By Andrea Foord, Head of Marketing , Retail & Supply Chain, BT Global Services

There are less than one hundred days to go until Christmas 2014 and all that entails. The shopping, perhaps, is the seasonal ritual we look forward to the least, and we all have our ways of making the ordeal more bearable. Sometimes it’s a posh coffee in a quiet café, sometimes it’s a ‘one for them, one for me’ present-buying strategy, and sometimes it’s working out the balance between the serenity of online shopping and the hustle and bustle of the high street.

If you’re a retailer, you’ll be on the lookout for new developments that will make the whole experience more exciting; those elements that will provide the ‘wow’ factor. We’ve compiled our list of the top five technologies that we think should be on every retailer’s Christmas list. [Read more...]


INFOGRAPHIC: The new world of care

We’re committed to our vision of a new world of care — driven by innovative and creative technology — and we’re working all over the world to deliver health and care services that change lives. From Cornwall to the Sunshine Coast of Australia, our telehealth solutions are changing the way precious clinical resources are being delivered to patients.

[Read more...]

Art of connecting

Life imitating art

IT is full of possibilities. And, of course, they’re not just IT for IT’s sake.

As CIO, if you make the most of these possibilities, you can make your business faster on its feet. Your people can do their best work anywhere, any time if their phones and tablets are hooked up to unified communications.

You can help your business take new opportunities. Opening a new office in a new country can happen in days, thanks to the cloud. And rolling out internet to remote sites has never been easier. [Read more...]

Richard Brooker

Contracting with services built from the Internet of Things

By Richard Brooker, Chief Architect – IT Managed Services Practice at BT Global Services

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a rapidly trending technology area. However the basic ideas of pervasive or ubiquitous computing has been talked about for years, even decades – so what has changed to trigger the uptake? What more needs to be done in order for organisations to build the IoT into the day to day function?

We’re seeing the IoT take off now because of some important technology advances. The behaviour within these networks has evolved tremendously over the last decade. Networks used to be simple pipes conveying bits and bytes. Now they are sophisticated platforms that can intelligently detect and route depending on the business nature of the information. At the same time we are also seeing a reduction in device power consumption, improvements in battery performance and processing and storage capabilities for freestanding sensors and devices [Read more...]

Lucy Cowcill

RIP the tax disc

By Lucy Cowcill, head of communications, BT Global Government and Health

The vision of being ‘paperless’ has been around for years.

Most of us would agree that whilst we aspire to be paperless, the best we can in reality achieve is paper-lite.

Whilst I have paperless statements for utilities, for example, and would prefer to complete most ‘life chores’ online, I haven’t quite made the leap to taking notes on anything other than a pad or not jotting reminders and lists on scraps of paper, despite owning a smartphone, tablet and laptop. [Read more...]