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Dave Dunbar, Head of Mobility Consulting, BT Global Services

Next steps in mobility maturity

By Dave Dunbar, Head of Mobility Consulting, BT Global Services

Corporate mobility is not as young and fresh-faced as it used to be — and that’s a good thing; it’s growing up. There are now plenty of companies who have introduced well-managed corporate smartphones and a substantial number who also develop their own apps.

It’s a bit like saying that we’ve reached early adolescence; there’s still a bit of growing up to do, and the difficult years may still be ahead of us. [Read more…]

Chris Lindsay

Transforming public sector services: The challenges of redefining collaboration

By Chris Lindsay, Head of Marketing, Global Government & Health.

Technology is often seen as the door to a better future, and as we come to the end of our blog series on transforming public services, it’s clear this is a truth found in the public sector. Up to now, we’ve explored the appetite for a digital transformation, and the skills needed for implementation. But today, we’re talking about collaboration in the sector. [Read more…]


A diagnosis for the digital doctor

By Bob Quin, Senior Marketing Manager, Propositions, products, frameworks, BT Global Services.

The word ‘Skype’ is so synonymous with video and voice calls that we use it as a verb. In the world of Healthcare, Skype for Business has the potential for so much more.  With the right integration, it can revolutionise healthcare – helping the NHS save money, improve patient care and share expertise. By giving clinicians the ability to perform remote consultations, Skype for Business can help to improve healthcare and the patient experience. [Read more…]


Innovation in the public interest

By Ian Dalton, President, BT Global Government & Health.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) need a head start when applying for government contracts. So this year, for the first time, our BT Infinity Lab award had a public sector theme. The final took place on 26 March and gave us the chance to see some innovative ideas to support public services. [Read more…]


A new sound and vision for collaboration

By Kate Denison, Head of BT Contact and BT One Marketing.

When the ‘talkies’ were invented in the 1920s the cinema experience took a huge step forward. Rather than a silent film accompanied by a single piano or live narration, cinemagoers got much closer to a truly immersive adventure. The whole process of film-making changed as a result of synchronising sound and pictures on the same strip of celluloid film.

[Read more…]