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Capture that ever elusive creature — collaboration.

As businesses look to cut costs, collaboration is often put on the chopping block. But this creates a false economy — here’s why…

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Chris Cochrane, Global Services CIO

The three essential steps for digital transformation in 2017.

The cloud holds the power to drive digital transformation. Our CIO, Chris Cochrane, highlights the three steps every CIO should take to guarantee success.

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Keeping energy levels high in the cloud with AxURE.

When AxURE Technologies needed to update its infrastructure, it turned to the cloud for flexibility, scalability and cost advantages. [Read more…]

Collaboration on the go

Discover why collaboration tools are key to mobile working.

Over 1,500 office workers took part in our mobile working research — and it’s clear that the right tools can help them be more productive and boost business.

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Digitising store operations

How to create the digital retail experience customers want.

With technology at their fingertips, consumers expect a seamless shopping experience. Here’s why a single digital platform is the key to the future of retail.

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