Defending our defenders

While the Ministry Of Defence is protecting the nation from military and terrorist threats, BT have developed an enhanced Computer Network Defence (eCND) to protect the MOD from cyber-threats.

These threats can come from any number of sources including disaffected staff, foreign intelligence services, terrorist organisations, investigative journalists, computer hackers and criminals. The attempts are becoming more complex, co-ordinated and increasingly difficult to detect.

The MOD has a number of different ICT systems with a formidable armoury of security mechanisms, and eCND brings an additional, cohesive layer of protection by integrating the existing system security.

The primary role of eCND is to prevent attacks succeeding, and it does this through centralized monitoring and identifying anomalous behaviour. Risk analysis and modeling track all of this in real-time and the system creates an archive, enabling the MOD to learn from previous cases and refine their decision-making.

Managing problems proactively is a powerful feature of eCND as it means the MOD can stay one step ahead of the evolving threats, and work that previously took two weeks to complete can now be done in less than 30 seconds.

If you’d like to know more, you can watch this video:

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Or if you’d like to know how your organisation can improve its own cyber-defence, then please speak to your BT Account Manager or contact onedeskdefence@bt.com or 0800 783 9053


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