SSI: Facebook increasingly used for sign-in

Several systems and solutions are used to allow, simplify and manage sign-in security and various online players, including Google, have strongly secured their sign-in processes. As numerous business and communication applications arise in the cloud and social media space, the sign-in processes of popular services and companies such as Twitter, Google and Microsoft are used to access them.

Since we, and our employees, are increasingly using our devices and social networks on the work floor, sign-in security and policies are worth taking a look at. Especially since digital workers are constantly granting access to third party applications, when using various SaaS tools that allow to do so.

When they are less experienced and trained in the security and privacy settings of the applications, they are granting access to, they sometimes divulge more information than they really should or even would if well informed.

The leader in the so-called social sign-in (SSI) is Facebook, according to a report from Janrain.

About 39% of the respondents used Facebook for SSI in the second quarter of this year. Facebook is followed by Google with 30% of users. SSI sites/services Yahoo and Twitter take third and fourth place with respectively 12% and 8%.

Facebook social sign-in stronger in Europe

Note that these data vary, according to the region.

This way, Twitter is more popular in several European countries (such as The Netherlands), and Yahoo is almost not present in some.

Nevertheless, both stay well behind in Europe as well where Facebook is the leader with a whopping 43%, again followed by Google.


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