The importance of a multi-channel customer service

As often mentioned on this blog, consumers use more channels, devices and interaction possibilities for both personal purposes and their interactions with companies. A sector and business function where this multi-channel and multi-device evolution has an important impact, is customer service and thus contact centres.

After all, people are no longer satisfied with one channel and want to be assisted when and where it suits them best.

Website Econsultancy, last week dedicated various blog entries, a report and an interview with Warren Buckley, who is responsible for the residential client customer service operations at BT, to the topic.

The importance of a multi-channel and consistent customer experience is enormous. The consumer has more control than ever before, he requires excellent service and disposes over various channels to search for support and even complain.

The mix of customer service channels is changing

Although e-mail and the telephone, with among other IVR systems, are still the most-used  customer service channels, the importance of social networks and online applications such as live chat are becoming ever more important.

Unified messaging and multi-channel contact centres are crucial for businesses that wish to meet the needs of the ‘always on’ consumer.

Although  many companies see the importance of a multi-channel customer service and contact centre strategy, in practice there still is a lot of work. Several people that were surveyed by Econsultancy, complain about the typical long waiting periods in telephonic support and customer services via e-mail do not always run smoothly either.

A multi-channel customer service strategy is not only a question of the right technologies and solutions: it requires the necessary attention for the needs of the digital consumer, smooth processes, proper resources and customer-centric organisations where the workforce gets involved in a customer-centric culture.

You can learn more about the study of Econsultancy and the importance of a multi-channel customer service here.

Take a look at the interview with BT’s Warren Buckley, where the challenges and evolutions in a multi-channel contact centre context are tackled, here.

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