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Here’s a round-up of our recent series of articles looking at the fast-moving world of internet protocol and why it’s important for business to stay up-to-speed with the latest developments.

The rapid introduction of IPv6 is probably the most top-of-mind recent development. Yes it’s a technical matter, but it’s one that effects all of us. Everyone who uses the internet, email or any IP network in any way will need a top-level understanding. The article “IPv6 explained in 60 seconds” is a great place to start. In just a minute this video covers the basics of how IP addresses work to give every device using the internet a unique identifier that helps them connect successfully end-to-end. You’ll also get to grips with why the new version, IPv6, is important for everyone.

IPv6 implications for enterprises” takes things up a level. With the current IPv4 address space running out fast it’s a question of when, not if, every organisation will need to adopt the new standard. You may not yet need extra address space but you will need IPv6-only organisations to be able to reach your websites and emails and, unfortunately, there is no simple way to map between IPv4 and IPv6. The article clearly sets out the importance of having the right approach to IP address management.

Getting to grips with IP address management” completes your insight into the world of internet protocol by looking at the behind-the-scenes provision of the technology that allows devices to communicate. With the help of a short video we take you through the workings of dynamic host configuration protocol, or DHCP, the automated IP address assignment mechanism. Then we move on to how the domain name system, known as DNS, uses text-based navigation to act as a phone directory for IP. And we finish with an introduction to how BT Diamond IP provides all the products and services you need to manage IPv4 and IPv6 space as well as to configure and manage DHCP and DNS servers.

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