Festive Tip #11: Simplify your IT into a single platform

Welcome to the eleventh day of our 12 tips for an extraordinary New Year. Every day we’re sharing a simple way your organisation can make the most of the working days in December to get ready for a successful and prosperous 2012.

December’s really passing quickly now, and as we get ever closer to New Year’s Eve and the time to make wishes about what we want 2012 to bring, only one thing seems certain — and that’s the fact that, in business terms, 2012 will be a very uncertain year. Anything you can do now to increase your organisation’s speed and flexibility of response has to be a good thing.

So on this eleventh day of festive tips let’s look at a straightforward way you can help your organisation prepare for the challenges of 2012 with a virtualised data centre.

BT Private Compute offers private, dedicated virtual data centre services, giving you data centre infrastructure that’s set aside for your organisation’s exclusive use.

Pulling your IT together on one virtual platform brings great opportunities for saving money, driving efficiency improvements, boosting your service to the next level and managing risk — all with the security reassurance that comes from a private service. And it’s so much easier to manage with just one supplier and one point of contact.

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Going virtual gives you both flexibility and predictability in an uncertain world. You have the flexibility to adjust your computing power, network resources, IT support, and data storage to match your changing business needs. And you have the predictability of consistent service levels and far fewer risks when deploying applications. Plus, BT Private Compute can lower the total costs of ownership by up to 40 per cent.

In fact, one of our global financial customers reduced server numbers from 700 to less than 100, and generated expected savings of 50 per cent, achieving payback within a year.

Give your organisation the gift of readiness for anything 2012 might bring by virtualising your data centre.

Make sure you come back tomorrow to find out what benefit our final twelfth tip will bring to your organisation.

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