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Festive tip #9: Be there for your customers

Welcome back to the ninth day of our 12 tips for an extraordinary new year.

Let’s focus on the many ways we use this time of year to demonstrate how much we value friends, family and the people who contribute to our world. Cards, gifts and Festive tips are easy enough tokens in our personal lives, but how can your organisation best show customers how much they are valued?

One of the easiest ways to show your customers you value them is to be there for them, no matter where or when they need you. The key to this is to look after the little things, like making sure every call counts and that, when customers call, they always get through to the right person.

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BT Inbound Contact gives you complete control over how your customers contact you both in the UK and around the world — including the number they call, how much they pay and where each call goes. Advanced routing means you can manage any factor, including time zones, to deliver the best possible customer experience in a cost-efficient way.

Little things like making every call count make customers happier and show your commitment to keeping their business.

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