High scores on the roll-your-eyes-ometer

Even though it was his idea, David Cameron said he would be the first to roll his eyes at the concept of capturing the happiness of the nation as a single snapshot statistic. And yet he’s holding firm on the theory that assessing happiness is a better way of measuring how the country’s doing than gross domestic product.

As a taster of the ‘happiness index’ to come, the Office for National Statistics reported this month that 76 per cent of people rated themselves a seven out of 10 for how satisfied they are with their lives (where 10 was completely and nought was not at all). Not a bad result. The problem is — when you’ve achieved some form of measure of happiness, or any other factor with debateable definition — what do you do with that information?

Thankfully, we’re not recommending you wrestle with any nebulous concepts at this busy time of year; the opposite in fact.

Instead, sticking to the practical, measurable and helpful, we ask: how happy (and performance-confident) you are with your network? And BT’s offering a tangible assessment — two free-of-charge opportunities to find out how you can get more from your network, getting you in the best possible shape for profit-driven ‘happiness’ in the New Year.

Let BT put your network through its paces to see if you’re getting the maximum out of it with a free-of-charge trial. Typically, BT Connect’s performance-management solutions cut bandwidth costs by between 30 to 60 per cent, while making applications perform up to 200 times better.

And find out how your web performance measures up to your competition with a free-of-charge web-presence health check. It can tell you how well your websites are performing across the internet, from how long they take to process transactions on different browsers to how they compare with your competition.

There may be cause for eye-rolling, but only in surprise at the scope for improvement in your network’s performance. Get in touch to find out more.

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