Virtualisation and the cloud in this new year

‘The early bird catches the worm’ — sums up Gartner’s predictions for IT in 2012 perfectly, particularly where server virtualisation and the cloud are concerned.

Welcome to 2012: may it be a good your for you and your beloved ones. In this first BT Let’s Talk post of the new year, Chris Lindsay, Marketing Director, BT Engage IT, looks at virtualisation and the cloud.

Gartner analysts believe that 25 per cent of servers are now virtualised, and contributing to keeping the organisations they support efficient and effective. They see 2012 as a jump-off point for the cloud as it finally emerges from the hype as a sensible and cost-effective solution to anticipated IT problems.

In particular, dealing with the problems posed by the massive amounts of information that it’s predicted will dominate data structures in 2012.

That’s great for organisations already in that 25 per cent, but what about the majority who are not yet virtualised?

The ‘worms’ virtualisation can bring

At BT Engage IT we know this is very much a top-of-mind issue for many organisations, in both the public and private sectors. We know the virtual worms are still there for the taking; many organisations are approaching the point where they have a cloud strategy in place and are ready to make decisions about implementing cloud services.

And the ‘worms’ virtualisation can bring are definitely worth having. Virtualisation has the power to open up huge opportunities for an organisation to make further cost savings running their IT estate; enterprises can achieve cost savings of between 20 and 50 per cent as well as an improved quality of service. Lots of businesses are investing in this right now, and by the end of 2012 it’s predicted that the majority of companies will have virtual servers. For those in the commercial world, it’s important to keep abreast and, hopefully, ahead of competitors moving to virtualisation. And for those in the public sector, virtualisation is an ideal way to find efficiency savings.

It might seem like it’s been a long time coming, but the cloud is finally here, up and running and ready to help your organisation catch those worms.

Moving to the cloud is a journey, not an overnight transformation; but once the decision is made, it’s possible to realise the benefits quickly. And, the benefits go beyond cost; the cloud makes provisioning and set-up a lot quicker, which means organisations can be much more agile in their use of IT — be that software or infrastructure. Whether to choose a public, private or hybrid cloud solution will depend on your organisation’s business and what you’ll be using the service for, but there’s now an excellent choice out there.

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