Smart businesses keep their heads in the cloud

With big events like the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games just around the corner, and transport workers across Britain threatening strikes that could stop thousands of people getting to work, you never know when something is going hit your balance sheet.

Snow and freezing temperatures have caused transport disruption across Europe in the past month, and businesses have suffered with workers unable to get to their jobs.

In difficult economic times, uncertainty can put-off potential investors and stifle your future planning. The problem is there will always be circumstances that keep people from their desks, but with changes in the way businesses are operating it needn’t keep them from their work.

The silver-lining is that cloud computing is here and secure networks are floating in the ether helping businesses operate – whatever obstacles are thrown at them.

Gartner’s Vice President of Research, David W. Cearley, said: “Cloud computing can help enterprises improve the creation and delivery of IT solutions by allowing them to access services more flexibly and cost-effectively” ¹.

Being cost effective is key, and flexibility allows businesses to adapt in a changing world.

Cloud networks aren’t affected by public transport strikes. Or snow. Or volcanic ash. They’re unflappable and flexible and offer businesses the stability that is essential for growth.

Take contact centres. Staff no longer need to be in the building to have contact with customers and business partners. Cloud contact centres mean they can be anywhere in the world and still be available to solve problems in real time, with no compromise on quality.

Add increased flexibility to the money saved by cutting back on large offices and empty desks and the benefits to businesses are obvious.

What’s more, tight online security means directors can have confidence that they won’t lose sensitive information, money or sleep.

BT Cloud Contact is a great example of a simple and secure alternative to a traditional contact centre.

With no need for expensive hardware or software all your agents need to stay in-touch – wherever they are in the world – is a computer or a phone.

You can scale your capacity up and down depending on the hour of day, time of year or rate of business, and because of the flexibility a network based platform brings to your company you’ll avoid the unforeseeable, never letting snow, strikes or volcanoes get in the way of your business again.




¹ Cloud Computing – A key Initiative Overview

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