What is DDOS? Technology in 60 seconds.

A DDOS attack occurs when multiple systems are used to flood an internet connected system with traffic designed to disrupt and deny valid access.

Most attacks use botnet capacity as we describe in one of our other videos – ‘understanding botnets in 60 seconds’. This makes the attacker very difficult to track down.

They’re carried out with the aim of extorting money from organisations that trade online, with the attacks only ceasing when the attackers are paid. In the UK, online gaming organisations are typically asked to pay £50,000 to avoid attacks.

However,  DDOS attacks are now also being carried out by groups who disagree with the policy of organisations.

This “Hactivism” is on the increase and users now willingly install software on their home machines to carry out the DDOS attacks.

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However, it’s possible to guard against these attacks with the use of powerful monitoring tools which can catch the activity early on.

BT provides cloud based DDOS mitigation services to protect customers’ infrastructure against costly and damaging attacks. It monitors all the traffic to your site, no matter where it’s come from, to spot suspicious activity early.

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