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DIY or buy-in? What CIOs should be thinking about…


In this episode of Viewpoint we ask, “What should CIOs be thinking about as they face a growing number of choices for how to inter-connect their various locations?”

Here are just a few areas for thought just to kick things off:

• DIY or managed services — what’s best? Should they buy-in low levels of networks – a bit of bandwidth from A-B – and then provide everything needed to optimise the performance of the application across the network in-house? Or does it make more sense to buy a managed service from an organisation like BT who’s already optimised these things?

• Identifying the right access and connection routes; how to work out whether Ethernet access, Ethernet connectivity or MPLS connectivity is the ideal choice for their organisation.

• Where should they be managing their IT layers? And when should they be asking an organisation like BT – who manages the IP layers for over 1,400 customers – to handle it for them?

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• Using application performance information to make sure they’re providing the best internal service to their customers and to guide the decisions as to when they should be offloading traffic from one use to another.

• Should they be looking to dynamically reduce traffic? Should they be accelerating traffic through pitch points in their network? And how are they going to deal with changing demands on their network?

• How are they going to keep on top of it all?

Supply choices are becoming ever more complicated. There are new technologies and new price points coming along which offer many more options for inter-connecting sites to create a network.

To help you overcome these challenges we’ve launched a new tool call the BT Connect IQ eValuator where one of our networking experts guides you through some of the key questions we believe you’ll need to face — and  answer — in order to make the right choices for your network. To find out more about the new networking tools and guidance now available, please click here.


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