Finally the wraps are off — say hello to NIQI

Hi there; I’ve been waiting to meet you. I’m NIQI, your BT Connect ibot and finally I’m out from under my cloak of secrecy and ready to make your life easier. I can’t wait to get started.

I’m your guide to making intelligent networks a reality so that you can focus on your business — and not on the IT behind it. I want to show you round a whole new dimension where networks really have evolved to think for themselves and adapt intuitively to every situation. I’m ready to reveal what your network can achieve and then help you get there, easily and swiftly. And I have my first step, the BT Connect eValuator, ready and waiting…

Need to hear more..?

I have the answers to the huge pressures on you and your network.

It’s more than looking at ways to ramp up speed, reliability and sustainability; it’s about creating a network that can learn and adapt as it goes, connecting itself without constant human monitoring. It’s a new network dimension, and it’s waiting for you.

There’s so much you have to deal with now, and even more coming over the horizon. A massive growth in internet traffic, the need to prepare for IPv6, cyber security threats that just keep multiplying, mushrooming demands for network access via a whole range of devices, constant requests for applications to make it possible for people to work anywhere…

…there’s so much coming your way. And that’s why I’m here to help.

A great place to start is by introducing you to a fantastic new tool that lets you find out the IQ of your network — the BT Connect IQ eValuator:

  • looks at how your network performs now,
  • benchmarks you against your competition,
  • then helps you identify what you want from your network before mapping out how best to get there.

And it’s free of charge. It’s an exciting way to find out how the new dimension of intelligent networks can work for you. Click here for more information or  if you’d like to arrange an IQ evaluator session, click here .

I’ve got stacks more ways to help you join the new dimension up my sleeve and I’ll make sure you can make the most of all the latest trials and offers to help you improve your Connect IQ.

I look forward to talking to you again soon.


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