Four ways to improve the state of your estate

Bridges collapse. Planes plunge. Refineries explode and burn. All extreme examples of disasters that can happen when maintenance goes wrong — perhaps cut back in times of budgetary stress, perhaps just not given the priority it should have been.

Scale it down a little: hospitals and other NHS buildings in Scotland face a £1bn bill for repairs going back several years, a bill that could have been avoided by regular and prompt maintenance.

Home in on your area of concern — the issue of maintaining your ICT estate — and you’ve got analysts Gartner pointing out that: “IT maintenance, with its cost, difficulty and expenses, remains one of the most urgent and critical issues for enterprises worldwide”.

Even if you are confident about the state of your estate, changing business requirements can affect maintenance plans. Work style changes, globalisation, restructuring, mergers, office moves — can all make it essential to review your cover.

David Cappuccio, vice president and chief of research, Gartner believes: “Enterprises need timely, reliable, cost-effective IT maintenance, but they just aren’t getting it”. Here’s how your organisation can be one of the fortunate ones.

Four ways to maximise the state of your estate

  1. Start with investigating the possibilities to reduce maintenance charges by upgrading older equipment. Not only can you drastically reduce costs, you can gain new functionality — such as collaborative or flexible working — that’s not supported by older technology.
  2. Boost your proactive support levels so faults are detected and fixed before your users/customers experience them.
  3. Check the remote diagnostics you have at your disposal are taking as much of the day-to-day issues off your plate as possible, taking over corrective maintenance and programming changes and limiting downtime and disruption.
  4. Benchmark the reactive break/fix support you’ve got against the wider market to make sure you’ve got competitively priced resources, giving you rapid telephone response and advice on faults, configuration issues, moves, changes and user features.

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