collaboration in the cloud

In the future, why will we need offices?

The role of the traditional office is changing. There is a growing body of research, showing us that the WAY we work now is actually inhibiting our productivity. Ask yourself “where am I most productive?” and I doubt that your answer is “the office”.

Today, with mobile technologies, collaboration tools and video, people can work anytime and anywhere. There is nothing  new  about agile working. It has been around in various guises (e.g. teleworking, telecommuting and smart working) for some time.

However, only now do we have so many possibilities that organisations are proactively deploying large-scale change programmes across their workforce. Work has become a thing you do, not a place you go to.

Cost reductions by more than 40% with video and audio

Employers who are under increasing pressures to do more for less have slashed travel budgets and dramatically replaced face-to-face meetings with audio and web conferencing alternatives. For example, BT reduced face-to-face meetings by more than 40% in some functions through technologies such as video and audio conferencing.

New attitudes and technologies are changing business paradigms. In fact, the only certainty in work now is change. Using 20th century models to run 21st century businesses may not work anymore.

How do organisations harness the power of networked expertise to solve problems in customer time, rather than corporate time? Is it time to look beyond the job?

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