Intelligent networks at ceBIT 2012

Last week I’ve gone international, attending CeBIT 2012 at its home base in Hannover. CeBIT is at the heart of the digital world and is the industry’s biggest event, making it the ideal place to explore the ICT issues and hot topics out there such as intelligent networks.

This year CeBIT’s theme was ‘managing trust’, moving the fundamental issues of trust and security in the digital age firmly into the spotlight — issues that are vitally important to governments, economies and consumers alike. This focus on trust is a logical progression from last year’s theme of ‘work and life with the Cloud’, building on the fact that usage of cloud-based solutions continues to increase, but lack of trust in these offerings remains a major obstacle.

What I find often gets forgotten is the close link between cloud computing and networks; cloud computing means IT can be hosted actively in the network — not just stored or backed up there — but actively controlled and directed. Here’s where the vital issue of trust comes in; you need cloud confidence to take the step to the new network generation — intelligent networks.

All of this made CeBIT the ideal platform to introduce BT Connect, our global network portfolio and its ground-breaking intelligent network capabilities to the international market.

BT Connect IQ intelligent networks demo hugely popular with the CeBIT audience

Karsten Lereuth, CEO BT Germany, and I talked the audience through how increasing intelligence and agility in the network is often the most appropriate way for CIOs to address the twin pressures of upwardly spiraling loads on networks and the demands of the bring-your-own-device trend.

We outlined how BT Connect empowers networks to develop a high IQ, becoming capable of adapting themselves to operate in the most effective way to support minute-by-minute changes in the business demands of customers, needing less monitoring or human intervention than ever before.

As ever when we’re dealing with such new and broad areas of ICT innovation the question ‘great, but where do I start?’ came up time and time again in my conversations with delegates. In the network arena, the practical answer is to begin by benchmarking your network’s IQ against innovative best practice measures, giving you a clear idea of the journey you need to make. BT Connect IQ is the ideal tool for this, helping you better plan for the unexpected and find fresh ways to get the most out of your infrastructure — the demo was hugely popular with the CeBIT audience.

Post by Keith Langridge.

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