The inside track on intelligent networking (and we don’t mean an Oxbridge drinks party)

Having spent several years in the ICT industry, I can’t remember a time when there’s been more excitement, possibility and change than there is right now. In the last year or so we’ve seen:

  • The exponential growth of smartphones and tablets forcing IT Directors to introduce Bring-Your-Own-Device policies into their companies (and conveniently saving themselves capital expenditure).
  • The transition of “the cloud” from a niche way of delivering services to something that, according to Forbes (2012), almost three-quarters of companies are now using or trialling. This is then fuelling a massive growth in flexible working, data centre virtualisation and centralised applications.
  • Technology companies like Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook battling it out over virtual territories, and in some cases accrue cash reserves greater than most countries.

And all this is set against a macroeconomic background of growth/dip depending on where you are and which forecast you read. No wonder it seems that the only thing that’s certain is uncertainty.

As an ICT professional you have a choice about how you deal with this uncertainty; you can choose to be passive, bobbing around like a cork on the ocean, or you can take some control of your own environment.

Whether you’re in the public or private sector you can choose whether you embrace trends like BYOD, real-time video, VoIP and flexible working. You can assess whether your current infrastructure is still suitable and, if not, you can invest in one that provides greater flexibility, enabling you to compete or provide services more effectively and efficiently.

Emer Timmons, President BT Global Services UK

The launch of a new series of intelligent network solutions makes things easier for you. BT’s new global network portfolio, BT Connect, has been re-designed for an uncertain world, and contains a number of innovations that can help organisations to prosper.

Computing magazine ran a forum recently for IT leaders to discuss the issues I’ve raised here, and we held a roundtable discussion in conjunction with Ovum. Both events provided more insight into how people and organisations can take control and advantage of the uncertainty that now seems to be part of our DNA.

To prevent you being a cork in the ocean I urge you to keep up-to-date with these discussions by leaving a comment below. And for more information about BT Connect click here.


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