The watershed roundtable

At the BT Connect launch roundtable on Tuesday 6 March it became apparent that we’re on the cusp of a new era for networking.

The roundtable was a watershed moment for the way networks are run, and is a great showcase for the some of the fantastic work being done in the industry.

As the strain on our networks increases intelligent networks will provide many of the answers organisations need if they are to stay competitive. From now on we won’t have to think about the changing demands faced by our networks as they’ll be thinking about them for us.

An advanced intelligent network can monitor and manage traffic across its access points ensuring its potential is being maximised without the need for human intervention.

This new way of operating will change the way we think about network capabilities and means it won’t be the traditional markers of performance – such as speed, reach and cost – that define a network’s power. It will be the network’s intelligence. Intelligent networks are a triumph of brains over brawn.

Without investing in new hardware you can give your networks a mind of their own — a mind to let your IT infrastructure maximise its own potential — leaving you to focus your attention, and resources, elsewhere.

The BT Connect portfolio is about giving you and your network the tools you need to maximise your resources, and BT Connect IQ gives you the power to benchmark your network’s level of intelligence so you know where you stand, and can get the best out of the capacity you have.

By helping your network to operate autonomously you can enable it to self manage and adjust its operations in response to the business demands of its customers.

And because BT Connect means your network is largely autonomous, it requires fewer of your resources to administer it.

Thanks to the innovative BT ethos that drives us to develop the solutions to help you compete successfully in global markets, intelligent networks are here and the roundtable is our chance to showcase the technology before the technology showcases itself.

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