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Top 5 stories for February

Last month saw a record number of views across the Viewpoint network as news spreads about the great stuff going on here.

With more people than ever before coming to Viewpoint for their daily dose of business news and views — as well as comment on the latest developments in communications and network technology — it’s an exciting place to be right now.

This month we’ve seen a host of guest blogs from BT’s top brass, and the kind of informed insight you’ve come to expect from us. Take a look at the archive to catch-up with what’s been going on.

Here are the top 5 most read stories for February:

Homeworking and the danger of sleeping cats - Why commute when you can stay at home and suffer the wrath of sleeping cats.

China ticks all the boxes - Looking to expand into Asia? As far as retailers are concerned China ticks all the right boxes.

Megacities - Megacities, especially those in the BRIC countries, present a great opportunity for businesses to find new markets. But how do you enter these markets? And what are the problems you need to look out for and overcome?

Infographic - With only months to go before the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, BT’s latest research on organisations’ preparedness has found a sharp divide between those poised to take advantage of the opportunities that almost a million extra visitors to the country will bring and those relying on luck to see them through what promises to be a unique moment for the British economy.

The race is on so limber up with our special offers - A number of exciting new mobile services are hitting the market as part of the BT Get Fit for 2012 campaign. Get yourself ready for the race to the line…

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