Social networks - Who do you think you are?

New Era New Skills…

Globalisation and advances in IT have ensured that everything is faster and cheaper. Everything is changing and for many this is either a huge threat or a huge opportunity.

Change is fast and relentless and one thing is certain, the status quo is no longer an option. Every business and every individual will need to change their expectations, learn new skills and understand how to engage with the changes that will be presented in the future. One of the biggest changes is in the way we communicate.

We are experiencing “the revolution of connection”. Through IT we can see, speak, share and access information with family, friends and customers anytime and anywhere in the world. This takes communication skills into a different dimension; this new era requires that individuals develop “high touch” ability.

Social Intelligence as a skill takes centre stage.

Social Intelligence is all about getting people to cooperate with you. It’s the ability to read situations, how perceptive you are and how you connect with others. Your value and earning potential are not in what you know but who you know, how you connect and what value you bring to your organisation. The new era rewards those that think fast, move fast and become indispensable.

In my own field of training, in the last 18months I have witnessed significant change especially in how training is delivered. The training business has changed forever. Less than a year ago I did my entire executive coaching face-to-face; today I do 95% of my executive coaching in the virtual world online. Face-to-face and online coaching requires a different skill set.  For online you require a new level of alertness both visual and

Guest blogger: Mary Keightley

auditory, you must be able to read the micro expressions on a person’s face, you must be able to make the person comfortable without actually being in the same room, just as if you would give a physical hug you must know how to give a virtual hug.

Training too is now delivered online and any trainer who understands the training process will know straight away, that pace and engagement tactics with your participants radically differ in face-to-face delivery from an online class.

If you are not already affected you will be. If you hope it won’t affect you or your business you will be wrong. Many employees are resisting change, we have seen this recently in the public sector with the strike action across different departments.  But leaders will know that resistance against the new era is not an option. The smart business and smart individual will know that the strategy now is how fast to change and how to stay ahead.

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