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Top five stories for March

In a wonderfully high-tech March we saw pole dancing robots and the introduction of Viewpoint’s answer to Johnny 5: the lovely — and impeccably well informed — NIQI.

Viewpoint continues to be an exciting place to be, and as our readership carries on growing we’re as committed as ever to bringing you the latest developments in communications and network technology.

If you missed what’s been going on in the last few weeks take a look at the archive to catch-up with what’s been going on.

Here are the top five stories from the past month:

Will robots ever do more than make you smile? – Robots are everywhere, at every event, showcasing the latest tech developments in robotics. From a robothespian doing (pretty bad) Robert Di Nero impressions, a chess-playing owl-cat robot, a robotic dinosaur and pole-dancing robots — it’s all out there. Entertaining and attention-grabbing, but will robots ever make a difference to your working life?

A Vision of British Shopping in the Future – Emer Timmons – President BT Global Services UK – Talks to us about Retailtopia, which looks beyond the short-term challenges facing the retail sector to look towards a positive future for British shopping in an increasingly internet-connected and mobile society.

People and technology unite in a new trading world – With new technologies changing the way the financial markets are working — both for the traders and the computers making the trades — how long is it before humans become superfluous to the whole process? Take a look at the new technology that is set to shake-up the trading floor and bring the murky world of the markets into the hands of the masses.

The inside track on intelligent networking (and we don’t mean an Oxbridge drinks party) – Emer Timmons – President BT Global Services UK – speaks about how the technological advances in recent years have opened up the opportunities within the ICT industry.

The universal language of intelligent networks – Keith Langridge talks to us from CeBIT 2012 which is at the heart of the digital world and is the industry’s biggest event, making it the ideal place to explore the ICT issues and hot topics out there.

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