The tipping point of consumerisation and BYOD

In his great book ‘The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference’, Malcolm Gladwell defined a tipping point as “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point.”

Boiling is probably a good best word to describe the unexpected speed at which some technologies are moving towards the so-called Plateau of Productivity. That’s the phase in Gartner’s famous Hype Cycle model when once emerging technologies have become mature and productive.

In the latest edition of Gartner’s 2012 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, the term tipping point is abundantly used. The research firm found that some technologies and evolutions are clearly moving through the hype cycle faster than previously expected. 

One of them is consumerisation which is now believed to reach the Plateau of Productivity in two to five years. In the 2011 edition of the same Hype Cycle, it was five to ten years.

Consumerisation and BYOD at the speed of cloud computing

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is reaching a tipping point. The speed, at which it happens, is remarkable. Is it a coincidence that the adoption of mobile devices is growing just as fast?

Consumerisation and BYOD are not the only evolutions to reach a tipping point and move through the hype cycle fast.

Big data, 3D printing, Near Field Communication (NFC) payment, cloud computing and media tablets also are among the fastest-moving technologies in the 2012 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies. Indeed, cloud computing and media tablets are strongly related with BYOD and consumerisation.

It’s often said there is a huge gap between the speed at which technologies are adopted by consumers and the speed at which businesses adopt them. Is it a matter of being able to adapt? The question is relevant when you notice how some technologies are evolving at warp speed.

Adopting, adapting and making sense

Brian Solis thinks it often is a matter of ability to adapt. He described a phenomenon which he calls Digital Darwinism. It’s an evolution of consumer behaviour when society and technology evolve faster than the ability of a business to adapt.

Speed of business, agility and flexibility to adapt are more important nowadays. However, it’s equally important to make sure that technologies are not adopted out of hype and business processes not adapted without the right plans to make them work for everyone.

Being a first-mover has advantages and experience can lead to maturity but there is always a trade-off to make.

What is your position regarding consumerisation and BYOD? Has your businesses reached a Plateau of Productivity sooner than others? Did you adopt and adapt? Or is there still too much hype for you? Discover how businesses evaluate the benefits of BYOD.

The image below illustrates Gartner’s findings.

gartner findings byod

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