David Stark

Keep everyone engaged when they’re on a call

By David Stark, VP BT Conferencing Commercial and Portfolio

A brilliant HD experience brings calls to life.

Our series on the journey to better conversations is well underway, and today we look at the sixth stage; getting the most out of conference calls.

With all the advances in desktop technology — instant messaging, video at a click and desktop sharing — voice has remained at the heart of collaboration. And that means it’s worth investing in the best possible experience when it comes to conference calls.

BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice gives you great conversations. And now, the mobile app means that you get all the advantages while you’re on the go. [Read more...]


SASOL: Building communities across continents

Have you ever seen a balloon burst in slow motion? It’s remarkable to see the consequence of stretching something beyond its limit so clearly. If you pump too much air into a balloon, the likelihood is it’ll explode; if not now, then at the lightest touch. This is because, as the membrane expands, it loses its integrity. Its fibres are pulled apart to the point that any minor stress breaks their bonds beyond repair. It’s a good illustration of the stresses and strains facing business today. Organisations are currently operating on a global scale that’s never been seen before. And, while it’s true that a company has a wider reach with offices right around the world, staying in touch can prove complicated, expensive and environmentally unfriendly. [Read more...]

Mike Parfitt

People are an organisation’s strongest asset

By Mike Parfitt, Head of Marketing, Central Government, BT Global Services

If people are an organisation’s strongest asset, then helping them to realise their full potential has got to be near the top of any executive’s to do list.

Giving people the right tools and the right environment to work in can empower them to deliver high quality services.

In the Civil Service, many people have to battle against outdated IT, poorly designed workplaces and inflexible working practices. The way they work has changed, but the tools and environment have stayed the same. [Read more...]

David Dunbar

Will flexible working lead to flexible learning?

By Dave Dunbar, Head of Advise Anywhere, BT Advise UK

When you think back to your school days, there was just one place for learning: the classroom. But in the present day workplace, we learn in various ways. In fact, it’s said we only gain 10 per cent of our knowledge through formal means: 20 per cent takes place by observing peers, and the majority, a huge 70 per cent, is gained through experience. It makes sense: giving people the information they need as they need it, in a format that compliments the task in hand, is the best way to increase knowledge and understanding.

But, if the way we learn is rooted in the office experience, could this be compromised by mass migration to alternative work settings? Collaborative working creates a two-way environment in which contributing to the learning of others, and teaching ourselves, is a continuous process. Is it possible that our learning will come to a halt if this is no longer the norm? [Read more...]

Sanjay Maraj

Three top tips for shiny happy people

By Sanjay Maraj, Global Practice Head of Mobility, BT Advise

Bad user experience meant that lots of new technology died a death or didn’t realise its full potential, think back to Segway, PalmPilot and even Customer Relationship Management (CRM)… It’s clear that shiny new technology doesn’t automatically result in shiny happy people — this is especially true when it comes to using mobile devices in the workplace. How can we translate the best parts of the consumer mobile experience into the corporate world?

I think it’s complicated but the rewards are great, and here are my three top tips to achieving this:  [Read more...]