Steve Gillies, Transformation Consultant, BT

Agile working — 12 ways to success

Ok, here we go. It had to happen sooner or later; a Christmas-themed piece on agile working. The twelve days of Christmas has a lot to answer for. In the spirit of giving, here are 12 presents for business leaders unsure if, or how, they should introduce and make a success of agile working.

  1. Stop dithering. Either make it a clear strategy, a high priority and go for it; or be like Marisa Meyers of Yahoo! and stop all remote working. A halfway house is no good — it irritates stakeholders and confuses employees.
  2. Establish a talented change management team. Know that you’ll need your best transformation team to make it successful. Agile working can seem simple but it is a significant multi-layered challenge for the organisation, many employees and particularly for middle managers well and truly marinated in a culture of supervision and presenteeism. Make sure the team has the authority and resources to be successful. [Read more...]
Craig Chadburn

Grab a slice of our Yule blogs

We’re always keen on celebrating here at Let’s Talk, and this Christmas season is no different. We’ve compiled our favourite snippets from across 2013 into a series of posts to keep you occupied from here until the New Year.

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Connecting For A Better Future

Infographic: Cloud-based collaboration unlocks savings

Part two of our infographic explores how using cloud-based collaboration  meets IT decision makers’ strong requirements to reduce spending as well as resolving digital dislocation.

Independent research reveals how rolling out cloud technology beyond trial brings benefits to productivity, employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. [Read more...]

Steve Gillies, Transformation Consultant, BT

The role of collaboration in observe-sense-act

By Steve Gillies, Transformation Consultant, BT

Back in the days of roaming and foraging, our survival was highly dependent on our ‘observe-sense-act’ instincts. Being engrossed in berry-picking could be dangerous; what if we didn’t observe that movement in the bushes? What if we wrongly interpreted it as nothing more than a slight breeze? If we sensed it as danger, acted correctly, made the right decision and responded quickly, we survived.  [Read more...]

J-P De Clerck

Cloud-based collaboration and the business challenge of the decade

Cloud-based collaboration in the real-time economy where information management makes the difference.

I’m one of those people using cloud-based collaboration tools outside the corporate firewalls and restrictions I sometimes have to operate in, when working for customers. But I have two excuses: 1) I’m doing it to…get things done and 2) I’m far from the only one.

Cloud-based collaboration – or using cloud services for collaboration – is simply a necessity in the information reality I – and you – live and work in. Sure enough, I don’t want to collaborate in real-time the whole time and some ‘tools’ can become counterproductive. Take instant messaging. It’s nice to be able to get in touch with co-workers on the fly. But sometimes it can be a pain. As human beings we need to be unreachable now and then. However, that’s a matter of people and processes, not of tools or technology.

The benefits of cloud-based collaboration services, that encompass a lot more than instant messaging (the whole unified communications and collaboration spectrum), by far outweigh the potential negative aspects of some specific applications. And that brings me to the main reason why I can’t live without cloud-based collaboration services anymore: the need of putting information at use fast and in a collaborative and optimized way. [Read more...]