Bas Burger, President, BT in the Americas

Moving Latin America from ‘covered’ to ‘connected’.

By Bas Burger, President of BT in the Americas.

The world is changing all around us and technology is both creating and enabling that change.

This year’s WEF gathering in Medellin presents a unique opportunity to discuss the connectivity solutions that Latin America so desperately needs.

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World Environment Day 2016

Using technology to tackle climate change.

Discover how our technology and services are helping to combat climate change and create an environmentally friendly future.

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BT and Huawei — a truly innovative partnership.

In using the power of communications to make a better world, we choose suppliers with similar aspirations. And that’s why we work closely with Huawei. [Read more…]

By Anna Easton, Connected Society Programme Director, BT.

The African case for connectivity.

By Anna Easton, Connected Society Programme Director, BT.

The lack of internet access for many Africans stands in the way of opportunity. Here’s how better connectivity across the continent can change all that.

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Get inspired by the winners of the BT SME Awards.

By Will Pryke, Head of BT Infinity Lab.

Being involved in the BT Infinity Lab SME Awards is always inspiring, always surprising and always helps me put technology into a new context.

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