Gavin Patterson

Technology: releasing people’s potential

By Gavin Patterson, Chief Executive Officer, BT Group

Our world is being transformed by communications, from how businesses operate, to how we educate our children and care for the sick. It also has a huge impact on our cities; it’s no surprise — these are the places we gather together to connect and trade, to share ideas, to create and innovate.

At BT, we’re deeply connected with many great cities around the world, whether that’s running New York’s Stock Exchange, powering Milan’s free wi-fi or enabling the Fiona Stanley hospital in Perth to become one of the most technologically advanced in the whole world. [Read more...]

Will Popham

Our mission to cut emissions

By Will Popham, Senior Propositions Manager, Devices – Connectivity and Sustainability, BT Consumer

Our Better Future Report shows how we’re progressing towards our 2020 Net Good goal.

The vision is simple: help society live within the constraints of our planet’s resources through our products and people — using and integrating technology creatively for a stronger outcome and a better planet. By 2020 (a mere six years away), we aim, as a responsible network provider, to reduce our customers’ carbon emissions by at least three times the end-to-end carbon impact of our own business.

Here at BT, we’re big on innovation — it’s the central chord of everything we do. It’s why we have our R&D facilities at Adastral Park. It’s why we’re leaders and not followers. And it’s why we give ourselves such ambitious targets. Within the world of sustainable business practice, innovation is the foundation of our progress, and the BT Home Hub 5, our latest broadband router, is a great example. [Read more...]

Niall Dunne

The Better Future Forum 2014: riding the wave

Sustainable. It’s a word that’s you hear a lot these days. More and more people are coming to realise the detrimental effect that the way we live and work is having on the world’s resources. As we outlined previously, here at BT, being a responsible and sustainable business is more than just our strategy; it’s who we are.

Not only is it built into everything we do, it’s a conversation. It’s a conversation that’s unique. It’s a conversation that’s ongoing. It’s a conversation with many voices. That’s why we’re excited for our second-ever Better Future Forum (hosted with our partners, GlobeScan), where, on 1 July, we’ll get to discuss the key issues around sustainability with global experts and leading thinkers. [Read more...]

Ruth Rowan

Fuelling progress in the Philippines

By Ruth Rowan, Chief Marketing Officer, Asia, Middle East and Africa, BT

‘Where there is no corruption there will be no poverty’. This is President Aquino’s message and it was the most tweeted quote from the World Economic Forum on East Asia that took place recently in Manila. Over the course of the event it came up time and time again underpinning many of the themes discussed by business leaders and attendees.

The word ‘growth’ was heard all across the formal sessions, business meetings and media debates. Whether it was the hotel, leisure, agribusiness, distribution, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, entrepreneurial or communications sector, the business contingent present were all confident about ongoing growth potential within the ASEAN market. The other topics under frequent discussion included: [Read more...]

Dunne Niall - Better Future Launch Dunne Niall - Better Future Launch

People-powering towards a better future

By Niall Dunne, BT Chief Sustainability Officer

This week we passed an important milestone in our journey towards putting responsible and sustainable business practices at the heart of the way we work. Our Better Future Report for 2014 is our way to investigate just how much impact integration, innovation and communication can have in transforming businesses and making the world a better place to live and work.

For BT, being a responsible and sustainable business is more than just a strategy: it’s who we are. We use the power of communications to make a better world. The report shows that Better Future is central and our aim to deliver sustainable growth is tied into our strategy, going way beyond driving sustainable practices in our own operations. We recognise the value we can deliver to society, but the report also shows that we can’t do it alone. [Read more...]