Niall Dunne, CSO, BTGS.

The future of green tech.

By Niall Dunne, CSO, BT Group.

We are in unchartered waters. Not when it comes to innovations in technology, but rather in how they impact us, our entire system of production, distribution and consumption.  Some have called it the Fourth Industrial Revolution. One thing is clear – technology is enabling us to do things very differently.   [Read more…]

Niall Dunne, CSO, BTGS.

Three truths behind the transformational power of ICT.

By Niall Dunne, CSO, BT Group.

ICT is more than just a business tool — it’s also leading the world into the next industrial revolution, as well as helping us to protect the environment. [Read more…]

WEF - the fourth industrial revolution

WEF agenda 2016 — educating the next generation.

The agenda from this year’s World Economic Forum (WEF) poses a tough question: how do we prepare for the fourth Industrial Revolution?

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Superfast Cornwall Director, Ranulf Scarbrough

Connected Cornwall – a clean, green, economic machine.

By Ranulf Scarbrough, director of Superfast Cornwall.

Today, Cornwall is one of the best connected rural areas in Europe.

Thanks to the Superfast Cornwall project, a partnership between BT, the EU, and Cornwall Council, the region is now served by an optical fibre broadband network that now reaches 95 per cent of Cornish homes and businesses.

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Haruno Yoshida

It takes diversity to make an idea work

By Haruno Yoshida, president BT Japan

Different people approach problems in different ways. That’s why, if we have a problem we can’t solve ourselves, we often ask family, colleagues or friends for their point of view. Sometimes we even turn to Google and YouTube to help us!

It got me thinking about how our backgrounds shape the way we think. [Read more…]