The key to tackling climate change is right in front of you.

By Graham Seabrook, Head of Sustainability Advisory Services, BT.

Technology can change the world — especially when it comes to preventing global warming. Here’s how you can use your ICT to cut your carbon footprint. [Read more…]

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Innovative SMEs — the key to our cities’ future.

By Will Pryke, Head of BT Infinity Lab.

Smart cities are the key to a greener, more efficient future. And SMEs are fundamental to creating the innovative tech that smart –and connected – cities need.

[Read more…]

Niall Dunne, CSO, BTGS.

The future of work.

By Niall Dunne, Chief Sustainability Officer, BT.

New technology will change our working lives forever — even creating entirely new industries. Here’s a look at how and why. [Read more…]


BT Advise brings Superfast benefits to the environment.

We all know that superfast broadband makes us better connected. But, as our new case study shows, it can also help to save the environment. [Read more…]

Niall Dunne, CSO, BTGS.

The future of green tech.

By Niall Dunne, CSO, BT Group.

We are in unchartered waters. Not when it comes to innovations in technology, but rather in how they impact us, our entire system of production, distribution and consumption.  Some have called it the Fourth Industrial Revolution. One thing is clear – technology is enabling us to do things very differently.   [Read more…]