Kevin Taylor

Cross-border climate change commitments need cross-sector coalitions

Kevin Taylor, President, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Turkey and Eastern Mediterranean, BT

Amid all the discussions and meetings at the COP22 Global Climate Change conference in Marrakech, two themes took centre stage. With the Paris Agreement having entered into force at the start of November, it’s clear that we need to turn its commitments into action. And, if we are to do so successfully, then collaborating and forming coalitions that work towards a shared goal will be vital. [Read more…]

SOS Children's Villages, Africa

Providing a window to the world for African children.

We’re working with SOS Children’s Villages in Africa to bring internet access to 30 villages in 13 countries, creating opportunities by improving education and healthcare.

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The ball’s in our court. And we’re using it to create a better world.

Zaid Al-Qassab, Chief Brand & Marketing Officer, BT.

It’s no secret that belief in a brand is important for today’s consumer. In fact 91% of them expect companies to do more than make a profit. They expect brands to run their business responsibly and to help tackle social and environmental issues.

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Get immediate benefits with the right hybrid cloud data centre.

Your data centre is the beating heart of your organisation, but it could also be the victim of your success. Here’s why the solution lies in the cloud. [Read more…]

Niall Dunne, CSO, BTGS.

Big challenges demand big thinking.

By Niall Dunne, CSO, BT.

As world leaders meet in Marrakech this week, a double weight of responsibility lies upon their shoulders.  The first is to make sure governments and businesses take away concrete plans to meet the spirit of the global agreement from COP21 made last year in Paris.  The second is to ensure that very consensus is maintained, regardless of political change.

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