Emer Timmons, President BT Global Services UK

The four best things leaders can do to innovate towards sustainability

Information and communications technology (ICT) can help us innovate towards greater sustainability in two key ways – as an agent and a catalyst. So says Emer Timmons, President of BT Global Services UK, in a blog for the World Economic Forum.

Firstly, Emer argues, it helps directly by providing technologies which help reduce carbon emissions. The Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) proves the role of ICT in driving a sustainable future. [Read more…]


The rise of womenomics in Japan

Haruno Yoshida, the president of BT Japan was interviewed by BBC World News for ‘Talking Business with Linda Yueh’, and she had some fascinating things to say about diversity and corporate culture. To follow up, we decided to host a question and answer session with her, which really gets to the bottom of the topics she spoke about in the programme.

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Niall Dunne

Better prepared to assure a better future

By Niall Dunne, BT Chief Sustainability Officer

The planet we live on is an active and sometimes volatile place. Natural disasters and emergencies are registered hundreds of time each year, and scientists say this is set to increase in the future. While there’s continual work on prediction and prevention, it’s just as crucial that recovery in the aftermath is prioritised. And one of the most important considerations? Communication. It helps link communities, streamline relief efforts and restores order when it’s needed most.

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Japanese womenomics

Japanese womenomics: What we want, what we really, really want

There is a Japanese translation of this blog article on our website.

Since Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, pledged to promote the status of women in society, the spotlight has been well and truly on the role of women in the Japanese economy. On 19 September, BT Japan took part in the Womenomics and Women showcase in Tokyo — an opportunity to take the temperature and contribute to an exciting wave of progress.

Japanese government is aiming “to create a society where women can shine” — addressing the challenges that Japanese women face in the workforce and society as a whole. And ‘womenomics’ is a key part of their growth strategy. By making greater use of women and promoting them to leadership posts, they hope to have women in 30 per cent of leadership positions in both the private and public sectors by 2020. [Read more…]

Thompson Simon

Bigger is better? Big Data at the Better Future Forum

By Simon Thompson, Head of Practice, Big Data and Customer Experience in BT’s Research and Technology division

In his recent article, ‘Digital influence: the future of sustainability’, Niall Dunne gave an overview of our second Better Future Forum — honing-in on how technology can be harnessed to encourage sustainable behaviour and levels of consumption.

He highlighted the important role people play in doing this and the fact is, just having more data won’t help us on our journey to sustainable consumption. Instead, it could have the opposite effect — overwhelming people and creating more questions than answers. [Read more…]