Craig Chadburn BT GS Social Media Lead

Grab a slice of our Yule blogs

We’re always keen on celebrating here at Let’s Talk, and this Christmas season is no different. We’ve compiled our favourite snippets from across 2013 into a series of posts to keep you occupied from here until the New Year.

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Mark Hughes Chief Executive Officer BT Security

Smart cities and cyber resilience: people, processes and preparation in action

Mark Hughes, CEO BT Security, looks at the essence of cyber resilience and smart cities, using London 2012 as an example.

‘Building a Resilient Digital Society’. That was this year’s theme of The Grand Conference 2013 in Amsterdam. In a panel discussion and a master class I covered cyber resilience and cyber security in the context of smart cities.

The digital transformation of society and development of smart cities are strongly related with cyber security and cyber resilience. A smart city uses ICT as an enabler of innovation and economical/social progress.

While the global evolution towards more smart cities offers many benefits, the important role of ICT also requires attention for the risks and dangers. And it’s not just about technology nor ICT. Whenever critical infrastructures in areas such as energy, transport or ICT fail, the impact on the affected community or society – including smart cities – is immediately felt.

From an ICT perspective, the importance of people, processes and preparation is unmistakable. Cyber security is not just a matter of technology and infrastructure. Let’s take the  London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games, for instance, essentially a good example of a smart city or should I say smart – Olympic – village. [Read more…]

Marketing and Communications Director, Sport and Legacy, BT Global Services

Let the games begin: team BT look forward to Brazil

By Michael Cole, Marketing and Communications Director, Sport and Legacy, BT Global Services

Dedication, determination, and guts — you’ve got to be a truly strong-willed person to become an athlete.  It’s a 24-hour job. Not only do you have to put the hours worth of training in on a daily basis, but you must treat your body like a temple — there’s no pigging out on pizza on the weekend, or late partying (well only once you’ve won that all-important Olympic gold).

And you’re only as good as your last performance.

So when an event such as the Olympics brings a chance for you to shine, there’s an incredible amount of pressure that you’ll be under — you just need to find the right way to channel your energy into giving the performance of your life. [Read more…]

August Most popular stories

Amazing stories this August

Where did August go? Time seems to go quickly when there are so many stories to keep yourself updated with.

This month’s blog posts looked at the legacy of the awe-inspiring London 2012 games and the infrastructure that ensured no one missed a minute of the action. We also focused on local governments’ need to find innovative ideas to cope with the cuts in spending — will their service suffer as a result, or are they optimistic about the future?

And, we take a look at Barclays Bank and their innovative solution to fight back against traditional customer care. [Read more…]

Marketing and Communications Director, Sport and Legacy, BT Global Services

London 2012, one year on

By Michael Cole, Marketing and Communications Director, Sport and Legacy, BT Global Services.

This time last year, on the eve of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the whole country was in a state of excited anticipation, pondering questions such as what did Danny Boyle have planned for the opening ceremony, how many medals would we win and would the weather be ok?

For those of us tasked with delivering flawless communications services for London 2012, this time last year was the culmination of years of preparation, and I remember a certain calmness in the air. This was to be the biggest few weeks of our lives, the most exciting and high-profile project we would ever be involved in, and yet we knew that we were prepared for every eventuality. We didn’t know how many gold medals Team GB would win, but we knew that we would be there to deliver the results. [Read more…]