Paul Appleton, Client Relationship Director, BT Global Services

Wi-fi: the future of shopper connectivity

By Paul Appleton, Client Relationship Director, BT Global Services

Walk down any high street and you’ll see the vast majority of people connecting and sharing on their phones. In food outlets, browsing in shops, (stopped, inconveniently in the middle of the pavement…), many of us have our phones glued to our hands: we’re online.

From finding out where to go, to brand matching offers or just keeping in touch, our smart devices are an integral part of shopping. And internet access opens up a whole wallet of new possibilities: think how instantly available stock information can transform the anti-shopper’s experience, or how on-demand TV makes every store your living room. Add in interactive location-based offers and information, and shopping becomes entertainment that’s highly profitable for retailers. You’ve got to be strong-minded to resist an instant online voucher. [Read more…]


Securing the future of innovation

By Tareque Choudhury, Head of BT Security, Middle East and Africa

We all work towards fostering an environment of creativity and innovation within our organisations, whether we find inspiration and insight from other industries or harness the potential of our employees. Sometimes, though, the race to stay up-to-date with the latest technological trends and innovations can cause us to ignore some important network security considerations.

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Mobile security: researching the risks of BYOD

With working habits changing drastically, the number of companies who encourage their people to use mobile devices to complete work is on the increase. New research from BT Security, however, reveals that many organisations are falling behind when it comes to protecting their business from the security risks this presents.

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Dave Berrington

Signed, sealed, delivered: Field Force Automation delivers for the postal and logistics sectors

By Dave Berrington, Head of Commercial Management, Field Force Automation.

The postal and logistics sectors operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week — supporting industries and individuals up and down the country. And, thanks to our increasing demand for shipping, they’re experiencing exceptional growth.

In this growing market, organisations are striving to boost customer choice and improve competitiveness, while managing the growing costs of resources. At the same time, consumer demand for speedy delivery means that organisations need to ensure that the right vehicles and people are available in every region to deliver what we want, when we want it. This means that logistics organisations need to be highly organised and this involves innovation. [Read more…]

Sanjay Maraj

Magical mobile moments – only 11 weeks to get ready

By Sanjay Maraj, Global Practice Head of Mobility, BT Advise

The other day, my seven year old daughter asked me how many weeks to Christmas… After a frown and a deep intake of breath (and checking my mobile) I informed her that it’s 11 weeks. She was delighted and started to plan her list for Santa…

Christmas seems to come around quicker each year, and every time it does there’s a new phenomenon and stat to go with it. Last year’s ’stat’ was that we saw the ‘year of the mobile’ with twice as much time spent on mobile devices in December 2013 compared to December 2012. In this blog I want to explore one of the more significant mobile trends we expect to see this year. [Read more…]