Etisalat: Customer Service

Reaching a higher level of customer service

Discover how Etisalat became more mobile, more competitive and enjoyed more savings by transforming its workforce management.

When you want to achieve world-class customer service the last thing you need to deal with are paper-based processes which slow your workforce down. Why waste valuable time and money on an outdated process that doesn’t allow you to meet customer demands?

Etisalat, the largest carrier of international voice traffic in the Middle East and Africa realised that their workforce management drastically needed to change. [Read more...]

Jonathan Bates, Mobility Analyst, BT Global Services

Could mobile application dependence prove costly?

By: Jonathan Bates, Mobility Analyst, BT Global Services

The answer, unfortunately, is probably yes — our reliance on data hungry applications, whether on our BYOD or company provided devices, can lead to some nasty surprises without the right processes in place. 

The reliance on social media, satellite navigation, productivity tools and geo-aware travel applications all mean we want our data connection wherever we are. The smartphone becomes even more important when we are in a place or country we don’t know that well.  We have more and better devices; we may take a Smartphone and tablet, both data enabled, with us on business trips. 

The LTE/4G networks also mean we have a faster service for our dependence on applications.  Recent figures suggest a 100% increase in data usage when a LTE/4G data connection is used due to improved experience and capability. 

The problem comes with the various, and often complicated, charging mechanisms in place to pay for our 3G/4G data consumption.  [Read more...]

Steve Gillies

Baby Boomers vs Digital Natives

By Steve Gillies, Transformation Consultant, BT

Born in 1956 I’m at the wrong end of my sixth decade. I’m a late baby boomer shaped by life events, economic conditions, societal changes and new technology from the mainframes of the IBM era to the cloud based apps of today. I work for a BB organisation. By that I mean one where BB’s dominate the workforce and especially senior positions.

Many BB’s increasingly feel like strangers in a strange land. The corporate landscape is changing with Gen X and Millenials flexing their muscles, pushing new boundaries (e.g. BYOD) and taking over strategic direction. As it should be the new generations have the reins and are charging headlong into the new age of the smart machine. They have different attitudes to work; different motivations, new attitudes to work-life balance and native digital skills that can be both bewildering and scary to the traditional manager. This places BB’s in an awkward position – learn new skills to survive and prosper or hang onto what we know. [Read more...]

Bas Burger

2013 Clinton Global Initiative – Mobilizing Faster Relief for Disaster Victims

By Bas Burger, President, US & Canada, Global Industry Verticals, BT Global Services

As we head into our third year participating at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) meeting, I wanted to acknowledge all the brilliant minds and collaboration that happens at this annual meeting. CGI is a chance for us to think about how we can help move this world forward and collaborate together to solve key problems across society.

This year, CGI’s annual meeting is focused on “Mobilizing Impact” – which aims to explore ways that CGI members and member organizations can be more effective in leveraging individuals, partner organizations, and key resources in their commitment efforts. Mobilizing the right entities—and the right technologies, in our case—can go a long way in improving society as a whole. [Read more...]

Mark Akass, CTO, Global Banking & Financial Markets

Who’s afraid of mobile? survey says …most of us.

By: Mark Akass, CTO, Global Banking & Financial Markets

As you may recall, earlier this year, YouGov conducted for a survey for BT* of 1,000 adults on their perceptions of mobile banking, alternative payments and customer service. Despite a clearly demonstrated uptick in the use of smartphones and tablet devices, the survey found that customers in the U.S. still need to be convinced about the trustworthiness of mobile banking services. Surprisingly, only 13% rate mobile banking as a service they would trust more than other technologies.  In fact, U.S. customers place more trust in ATM cash machines (58%), in-branch self-service kiosks (52%), and online banking (51%) for their banking requirements.  

As someone who focuses on technology for financial institutions, these statistics can be somewhat disheartening given the wonderful benefits mobile banking can offer consumers – including  instant access to account information and an easy method to transfer funds. [Read more...]