Sanjay Maraj

Magical mobile moments – only 11 weeks to get ready

By Sanjay Maraj, Global Practice Head of Mobility, BT Advise

The other day, my seven year old daughter asked me how many weeks to Christmas… After a frown and a deep intake of breath (and checking my mobile) I informed her that it’s 11 weeks. She was delighted and started to plan her list for Santa…

Christmas seems to come around quicker each year, and every time it does there’s a new phenomenon and stat to go with it. Last year’s ’stat’ was that we saw the ‘year of the mobile’ with twice as much time spent on mobile devices in December 2013 compared to December 2012. In this blog I want to explore one of the more significant mobile trends we expect to see this year. [Read more...]


A picture paints a thousand words

There really is an art to connecting. It requires a blend of imagination, know-how and insight, as well as technology and services. There’s beauty in this complexity and we know that finding the perfect balance for every customer is key to achieving success.

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Craig Chadburn BT GS Social Media Lead

A September special

We keep ourselves busy, pushing innovation and the possibilities of technology further than ever, connecting organisations around the world and creating end-to-end solutions that give companies the tools they need to deliver their best results. And, as ever, we’re excited to share what we’ve been up to with you — so here’s a collection of articles and infographics to give you a taste of our September.

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Holding back the revolution with agility and customer service

By Simon Ormston, Head of Utilities, Global Services

It’s been said that we’re only ever three hot meals away from revolution: three days without power or water for a significant swathe of the country would be enough to cause serious civil unrest. People consider ‘their’ energy and water supplies to be a right, which means they hardly notice them when everything’s running smoothly — but they instantly become a big deal when they’re interrupted.

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Connecting for a smooth and seamless performance at lower cost

By: Jonathan Brasnett, Head of Global Mobility

Mobile working is already second nature. Smart organisations know that employees, who can work anywhere, get more done. This demand for mobile working saw global mobile data traffic grew in 2013 by 81 per cent* with predictions of a 750 per cent increase** over the next three years.

Seamless, secure connectivity is vital to keeping people productive and prepared, but mobile costs are escalating along with the vast amounts of data being consumed. The question is: how do you enable your employees to connect easily anywhere and do so while keeping mobile spending under control? Well, that’s where we come in. [Read more...]