Holding back the revolution with agility and customer service

By Simon Ormston, Head of Utilities, Global Services

It’s been said that we’re only ever three hot meals away from revolution: three days without power or water for a significant swathe of the country would be enough to cause serious civil unrest. People consider ‘their’ energy and water supplies to be a right, which means they hardly notice them when everything’s running smoothly — but they instantly become a big deal when they’re interrupted.

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Connecting for a smooth and seamless performance at lower cost

By: Jonathan Brasnett, Head of Global Mobility

Mobile working is already second nature. Smart organisations know that employees, who can work anywhere, get more done. This demand for mobile working saw global mobile data traffic grew in 2013 by 81 per cent* with predictions of a 750 per cent increase** over the next three years.

Seamless, secure connectivity is vital to keeping people productive and prepared, but mobile costs are escalating along with the vast amounts of data being consumed. The question is: how do you enable your employees to connect easily anywhere and do so while keeping mobile spending under control? Well, that’s where we come in. [Read more...]

Art of connecting

Life imitating art

IT is full of possibilities. And, of course, they’re not just IT for IT’s sake.

As CIO, if you make the most of these possibilities, you can make your business faster on its feet. Your people can do their best work anywhere, any time if their phones and tablets are hooked up to unified communications.

You can help your business take new opportunities. Opening a new office in a new country can happen in days, thanks to the cloud. And rolling out internet to remote sites has never been easier. [Read more...]

Jayne Smith

The TEMpting solution for sky-high mobile usage bills

By: Jayne Smith, Mobility Portfolio Manager

In part one of this series, we took a look at some of the reasons why mobile data use is increasing (both for individuals and businesses) as well as some of the reasons behind its expense. Namely, it’s hard to measure and data tariffs are notoriously complicated. In part two, we’re going to dive into Telecom Expense Management (TEM) — the solution for businesses looking to keep tabs on their mobile data usage.

Before implementing any kind of solution, it’s best to try and get an idea of the areas in which you are facing high costs. Of course, this is much easier said than done. Building a single picture of corporate spending is a huge administrative and analytical job. And it’s possible that you don’t even have an accurate figure of the number of devices you’ve got to monitor. One of our multinational customers told us they had 7,000 devices in use -, but on further inspection by the BT team, we found 11,000, 44% more than they thought. Of course, this alone can lead to higher bills than you’d expect. [Read more...]

Lucy Cowcill

If you don’t ask, you don’t get

By Lucy Cowcill, head of communications, BT Global Government and Health

For many years, if a frontline or operational worker in the public sector asked their IT team for the latest new widget, they were told no. IT projects were often centrally run, done to an organisation and not with them and not user led. In those days, you didn’t ask, because you didn’t get.

But times are changing.

IT teams know they can do more to help transform the way that services are delivered, improving the experience of the patient or citizen and cutting costs for the organisation, by thinking more creatively. [Read more...]