Lucy Cowcill

If you don’t ask, you don’t get

By Lucy Cowcill, head of communications, BT Global Government and Health

For many years, if a frontline or operational worker in the public sector asked their IT team for the latest new widget, they were told no. IT projects were often centrally run, done to an organisation and not with them and not user led. In those days, you didn’t ask, because you didn’t get.

But times are changing.

IT teams know they can do more to help transform the way that services are delivered, improving the experience of the patient or citizen and cutting costs for the organisation, by thinking more creatively. [Read more...]

Dave Dunbar, GM, Flexible Working Services

What mobility strategy?

By Dave Dunbar, Head of Advise Anywhere, BT Advise UK

Mobility used to be all about minutes and tariffs. It used to a commodity, pure and simple. Things have changed.

The Mobility ecosystem is evolving at a frightening pace. Your devices and PC’s have gone feral. They’ve gotten out, met with their much more rebellious consumer focussed cousins and formed a brand new tribe. Right now, we are in a transition phase between a past where devices, data and applications were owned and controlled by the enterprise and a new reality where enterprise solutions will sit within a much more diffuse and distributed cauldron of functionality. [Read more...]

Bill Holford

A 21st Century Solution to Staying Connected

By Bill Holford, client partner, Defence

A few weeks ago, we looked at communications during World War One. Now we’re bringing the story up to date with a look at how things have changed in the 21st Century.

Communication technology was implemented continuously throughout WW1 and BT’s predecessor the Post Office made important contributions to the war effort, from pioneering field telephone communications via cable and wireless to intercepting German signals. [Read more...]

Jayne Smith

What is mobile data costing your business?

By: Jayne Smith, Mobility Portfolio Manager

It might be a scary thought to think of a generation growing up who won’t know life before mobile phones. It’s even scarier to think that they won’t remember the days when all a mobile had to do was phone calls and texts.

These days, we all use our phones for much more than simply communicating. From checking our emails to video conferencing, our mobiles are fundamental to our working lives. The very concept of ‘roaming’ — using data on the go — is one that is dominated by business users. [Read more...]

David Dunbar

Will flexible working lead to flexible learning?

By Dave Dunbar, Head of Advise Anywhere, BT Advise UK

When you think back to your school days, there was just one place for learning: the classroom. But in the present day workplace, we learn in various ways. In fact, it’s said we only gain 10 per cent of our knowledge through formal means: 20 per cent takes place by observing peers, and the majority, a huge 70 per cent, is gained through experience. It makes sense: giving people the information they need as they need it, in a format that compliments the task in hand, is the best way to increase knowledge and understanding.

But, if the way we learn is rooted in the office experience, could this be compromised by mass migration to alternative work settings? Collaborative working creates a two-way environment in which contributing to the learning of others, and teaching ourselves, is a continuous process. Is it possible that our learning will come to a halt if this is no longer the norm? [Read more...]