lady snow

A winter’s tale — the real value of flexible working

By Steve Gillies, Transformation Consultant, BT.

I live on the northern slopes of a hill in Scotland. This morning I felt a change in the air — early signs of an icy blast heading our way. It was time to check the wood store, put snow shovels in the car boot and make sure my home office is wired, set up and on hot standby.

According to some reports the UK is about to experience a historically bad winter. However, some meteorologists suggest the reports are over-hyped by a hungry media that seems to enjoy a doom-based winter’s tale. Whatever the case, there’s no doubt that there’ll be late trains, stranded motorists, frustrated commuters, cancelled meetings and companies struggling to maintain business continuity. [Read more…]

David Dunbar

Executive bling

By David Dunbar, Head of Advise Anywhere, BT Advise UK at BT Global Services.

I was with a client recently discussing a trial of Windows tablets for field workers. This was to be a brand new departure for this traditional organisation and we talked about a number of things: the cultural impact of an initial trial of 20; the issues of maintaining security; the need to have comprehensive remote management of the devices; and the rigours of connecting seamlessly to vital back-end systems. So far so good, but towards the end of this chat someone asked ‘what do we do about the iPads?’

Given that we had just been talking about the significant development that had taken place to make sure that the Windows 8 machines integrated with the corporate environment, and the even more significant amount of testing needed to make sure the machines worked in a severely locked-down way, this took me by surprise. [Read more…]


The Art of Connecting — a master class in connectivity

From multinationals that span the globe, revolutionising industry to regional firms that underpin daily life in specific areas, technology plays an important role in enabling organisations to provide effective communications — a key element in delivering successful business outcomes.

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Paul Appleton, Client Relationship Director, BT Global Services

Wi-fi: the future of shopper connectivity

By Paul Appleton, Client Relationship Director, BT Global Services

Walk down any high street and you’ll see the vast majority of people connecting and sharing on their phones. In food outlets, browsing in shops, (stopped, inconveniently in the middle of the pavement…), many of us have our phones glued to our hands: we’re online.

From finding out where to go, to brand matching offers or just keeping in touch, our smart devices are an integral part of shopping. And internet access opens up a whole wallet of new possibilities: think how instantly available stock information can transform the anti-shopper’s experience, or how on-demand TV makes every store your living room. Add in interactive location-based offers and information, and shopping becomes entertainment that’s highly profitable for retailers. You’ve got to be strong-minded to resist an instant online voucher. [Read more…]


Securing the future of innovation

By Tareque Choudhury, Head of BT Security, Middle East and Africa

We all work towards fostering an environment of creativity and innovation within our organisations, whether we find inspiration and insight from other industries or harness the potential of our employees. Sometimes, though, the race to stay up-to-date with the latest technological trends and innovations can cause us to ignore some important network security considerations.

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