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2013/04/24 By

Webinar Wednesdays – IPv6 Deployment Steps

Please join BT Diamond IP experts Mike Dooley and Tim Rooney for a free webinar covering key steps to deploying IPv6. This webinar discusses the IPv6 deployment process from discovery, assessment, design, and budget control to managing deployment and post-deployment dual protocol networks. Key among deployment steps is planning IPv6 network design and address allocation, […]

2013/01/23 By

BT Diamond IP offers solutions for assessing and deploying IPv6

With the explosive growth of wired and wireless devices of numerous varieties connecting to the internet over the last decade, there is now a shortage of IPv4 addresses. In fact, within a year or two, IPv4 addresses will completely run out! Will this bring the internet to a screeching halt? Fortunately, no, thanks to a […]

2012/08/13 By

Are you ready for IPv6?

IPv6 is now everywhere. Our recent IPv6 Industry Survey shows that 13% of the market have already IPv6-enabled their organisations’ networks, and another 44% are either in the process of doing it or have firm plans to transition to IPv6 in the next couple of years. The world around us is changing; IPv6 will be […]

2012/06/13 By

Global use of IPv6 accelerates

Fifty-seven per cent of global organisations deploying IPv6, states BT survey The use of IPv6 – the internet’s new addressing system – is gathering pace, according to a survey of global organisations conducted by BT. The 2012 BT Diamond IP IPv6 Industry Survey, which collected responses from IT and operations professionals across the world, found […]

2011/02/15 By

IPv4 Address Space is Running Out. Plan for IPv6 with Diamond IP!

With the recent announcement that IANA has allocated its last remaining IPv4 address space to the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), the clock is ticking on availability of new IPv4 address space allocations. Each Regional Internet Registry (RIR) now has a finite amount of IPv4 space to allocate to its “customers”, Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Eventually […]

2014/11/18 By

Tim Rooney from BT Diamond IP can help you find the answers

We’ve assembled four practical guides written by Tim Rooney, Director Product Management, Diamond IP from BT. These should help you make solid decisions on IP address management (IPAM). Best of all, they’re free to download. IP address management Best Practices

2014/03/19 By

Telecom Asia Awards: Finalists include BT in two categories

In the list of finalists for the Telecom Asia Awards, BT Global Services appears twice: for Best International Wholesale Carrierand Best Managed Services Provider. 

2013/10/01 By

From the desk of Paul Fuertsch: GTM in US&C

Exciting times in US&C since our last publication: we’ve enjoyed lots of interaction with clients like you and participation by our GTM leadership team.  Last month in New York, we launched the Americas node of our BT Global IP Exchange platform. The new hub expands our existing network, providing a regional IP Exchange node to […]

2013/05/28 By

Webinar Wednesdays: Introduction to DNSSEC

Please join BT Diamond IP experts Mike Dooley and Tim Rooney for a free webinar discussing the technology of and administration for DNS security extensions (DNSSEC).  DNSSEC provides a means for DNS administrators to digitally sign their published DNS resource records.  This technology enables resolvers configured to validate DNSSEC signatures to authenticate the origin of […]

2013/02/13 By

From the Desk of Kai Thiel: GTM in Europe

Guten Tag, everyone, hello! I write to you today after some very exciting months for BT Global Telecoms Markets in Germany and a well-deserved break over the festive season. I hope you enjoyed one, too. We hosted many of you again for our traditional, annual Reseller event in Munich just a few months back at […]

2013/01/23 By

From the desk of Carsten Wessel – GTM in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe

With 2012 behind us, we have many fantastic highlights to remember, like   Felix Baumgartner`s jump from Heaven, the Olympic Games in London, the European Football Championships, to name just a few. As we move into 2013, my team and I would like to take some time to explore our partnerships with you, our customers.  […]

Joselito Diz

2012/07/05 By

From the desk of Joselito Diz: GTM in Latin America & the Caribbean

International Telecoms Week (ITW) is always a great opportunity to meet customers and make new contacts.  This year was tremendous, even better than usual for me.  Besides all the networking, I joined 45-50 formal meetings.  We talked mostly about wholesale VoIP, BT Advise for Communications, BT Diamond IP – more on them in a minute […]

Steve Kelly, General Manager Asia Pacific, North America, Middle East and Africa, BT GTM

2012/06/18 By

From the desk of Steve Kelly: GTM in North America

GTM had a great experience at International Telecom Week (ITW) this year.  More members of our team attended than usual and our customers were happy to see us there in force.  I am proud of the positive feedback we received from our customers on the BT Global IP Exchange and I’d like to share some […]

Andrew Batten, Regional Director, BT Advise for Communications, Asia Pacific

2012/03/06 By

Talking telcos with BT Advise: Meet Andrew Batten

I love my job! Currently I have eight consulting projects on the go in five countries in three Asian sub-regions. Each one is fascinating and in every case we are able to draw on BT experience to help improve the customer’s position in some respect. The range of topics we consult on is vast.  To […]