Let’s talk Voice – June 2013

By Mike Bygate
Head of business development
EMEA, Latin America & the Caribbean, North America & Southern Europe
BT Global Telecom Markets (GTM)

Thankfully, at ITW 2013 the elevator service to the meeting rooms in the hotel towers had been speeded up since last year. It brought many of the smaller PTTs of the Middle East and Africa, with their traditional TDM connections, knocking on the door of the BT suite.

They came to talk about Global IP Exchange, not only for the benefits of premium voice with full CLI over public internet or via a fixed Ethernet connection. They also wanted full interoperability with BT to access HD Voice, Sigtran, LTE Roaming with 4G diameter signalling, and ITFS. [Read more…]

BT Global Telecom Markets at International Telecoms Week 2013: Looking back

International Telecoms Week, the biggest event of the year for BT Global Telecom Markets, just ended.  But the dates for the 2014 event are already in the calendar.

As the GTM people who attended look back at the experience, they see productive meetings – about 230 of them – that demonstrated strong relationships with customers and promise new and renewed business.

One highlight was Cincinnati Bell asking to be the first customer on the BT Global IP Exchange node to be launched for the Americas this summer. Adam Walton, wholesale voice manager for the company, said: “Cincinnati Bell was pleased to sign with BT based on its long standing reputation in the industry as a trusted and dependable partner in the European market.  Our traffic touches many European destinations – not just the UK – and so we wanted to interconnect with BT for termination as well as IPX for transport and value-added services.” [Read more…]

BT Global Telecom Markets at International Telecoms Week

International Telecoms Week is here.  After weeks of preparation, people from BT Global Telecom Markets (GTM) are attending the world’s largest conference for the wholesale service-provider industry.

With people still registering, the 2013 numbers aren’t in yet.  In 2012 more than 5,300 delegates attended from more than 1,700 companies and more than 140 countries.

Among the fourteen GTM people attending this year are Beatriz Butsana-Sita, managing director of GTM, and Andrew Dodsworth, chief operating officer and director of voice.  Two more delegates represent BT Wholesale. [Read more…]

US Vice President Al Gore opens ITW 2013

Former US Vice President Al Gore opened this year’s International Telecoms Week with a very positive message about telecoms today.

According to Mr. Gore, the number of members of the middle class worldwide will grow from 2bn today to 4bn over the next 12 years.  The growth of the middle class drives the growth of business, so we should feel optimistic about our future markets.

Innovation lies at the heart of our industry, he continued, and several laws about technology growth give us more reasons for optimism: [Read more…]

C100 Exclusive Announcement for delegates to ITW

Innovation: Confidence: Leadership

Are you going to International Telecoms Week 13-15 May in Chicago?

If so, this is for you:

You may have seen the invitation from Capacity Media to attend the exclusive VIP panel revealing the results of the C100 survey, taking place Monday 13 May 2013 at 1.00pm.

This panel will unveil the results of Capacity’s survey of the elite leadership in the global wholesale market.

In the first survey of its kind, which included BT and many others, this elite network of individuals shares insights into the health of the wholesale market place, priorities for innovation, and their own leadership. [Read more…]