BT Mobile Service helps resellers in Italy reverse falling revenue

BT Mobile Service from Global Telecom Markets (GTM) Italia enables you as resellers who address the business market to offer a full set of converged communications – mobile, fixed and data services – to your end customers, thus increasing your share of wallet and growing your turn-over. As you know, traditional code-borrowing and code-hosting voice-service revenues are expected to decline, and ethnic code-borrowing revenues are also expected to fall because of widespread market migration towards VoIP platforms and mobile prepaid services.  In this environment you have been pushing us for an integrated fixed, mobile and data offer to enable you to secure your customer base and reverse the trend. BT Mobile Service is the offer you want. Currently available in a post-paid billing mode, BT Italia’s mobile service includes: Voice, Broadband, and Wireless email. 

You can customise the profile of the SIM, which has BT Mobile branding. The mobile voice service includes all the features that your customers expect, such as video calls, call forwarding, calling line identification presentation (CLIP), calling line identification restriction (CLIR), and more. You can customise your price lists for the mobile voice service, giving you complete control over profit.

BT prices its mobile broadband option for different volumes of data, from 100 MB for customers who go online occasionally, to Unlimited for customers who often use broadband on the move.  By supporting different volumes of data traffic, you can target a range of different customers.

Two wireless email solutions – Professional and Enterprise – meet the needs of specific customers. Professional is for individuals and small businesses using a mail service on a public platform (via an internet service provider). The Enterprise solution is for customers who have their own mail server and IT manager. A range of handsets is also available for sale. BT Italia is developing a prepaid version of the service, which may particularly interest those of you who target certain international destinations. BT plans to launch the prepaid service in the next few months.

For more information about the BT Mobile Service in Italy, please contact your account manager.

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