Secure your customers with IP Voice Managed Service from BT Italia

The Forrester Group predicts that Voice over IP (VoIP) will carry all telephone calls by 2020. As enterprises and individuals move increasingly to IP telephony, BT IP Voice Managed Service (BT IP VMS) from BT Global Telecom Markets Italia is becoming ever more popular. The service enables broadband service providers, network operators, resellers and even new entrants to the market to exploit growing demand. It can also secure those customers looking to move away from traditional voice services to more cost-effective IP-based solutions. 

BT IP Voice Managed Service is quick to implement and requires no costly infrastructure investment or increased management complexity. Freed from managing the technology, resellers and carriers can focus on valuable marketing and sales activities.

Any digital subscriber line (DSL) connection is suitable for BT IP VMS. Because the service provides access to BT’s advanced IP, digital voice and data networks, it can terminate all calls to any IP, fixed or mobile number.

Transparent and reliable invoicing ensures that resellers can easily integrate the service into their current billing flow or transfer to a billing operator if required. A dedicated team of voice business managers deals with routing, quality and pricing requests, quickly and efficiently.

BT’s 21st Century Network and infrastructure enable operators and resellers to keep pace with the revolution in voice communications. With our unrivalled expertise and experience in telecommunications, at BT we can help customers exploit the wide-ranging opportunities for innovative services based on converged voice and data capabilities.

Similar offers are available from BT Global Telecom Markets in other countries in Western Europe.

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