BT and Cisco cloud solution to help IT managers tackle ‘digital dislocation’

DC13-421     November 26, 2013

New research reveals that stretched budgets and outdated systems prevent better collaboration in large organisations, with solutions emerging in the cloud

New independent research commissioned by BT and Cisco found that global organisations are increasingly facing a risk of ‘digital dislocation’ as employees demand new and better ways of collaborating and communicating while IT managers use workarounds to keep up with outdated technology. [Read more...]

Inbound Contact

BT to deliver multimedia contact centre services to Western Power

DC13-262                                      13 August, 2013

Cloud-based solution leveraging proven technology from Avaya will help deliver best-in-breed customer experience.

BT, one of the world’s leading providers of communications services and solutions, announced a contract with Western Power, one of the biggest independent electrical grids in the world, for the delivery of a multimedia contact centre solution in Perth, Australia.

BT’s solution, based on Avaya technology, will help Western Power further improve its award-winning customer service through the introduction of multimedia contact centre applications. Western Power and its customers will benefit from the flexibility in services and capacity offered by an on-demand Cloud-based platform. [Read more...]


Innovation and the future of wholesale

Mike BygateBy Mike Bygate
Head of business development
EMEA, Latin America & the Caribbean, North America & Southern Europe
BT Global Telecom Markets (GTM)

Times are already challenging for network operators, retail and wholesale, doing their best to serve their customers.  Even more challenges lie ahead. One example is Cloud, or Big Data, putting converged networks at the heart of communications and putting huge traffic volumes on them.

Already a reality, these volumes will continue their massive growth. The obvious solution would be to build big new networks, deploying new technology that offers scalability, flexibility and lower operational costs. But that would mean big investment in a time of limited capital.

So what’s an operator to do to prosper, or indeed survive? [Read more...]


BT Ethernet Connect brings high performance network services to Brazil and Mexico

DC13-066                                                                              06 March 2013

With BT Ethernet Connect, multinational organisations benefit from higher performance and improved security for cloud services and for traffic between their sites in Brazil and Mexico

BT launched Ethernet Connect in Brazil and Mexico, bringing cost effective high bandwidth network services, improved application performance and optimized delivery of cloud services to public and private organizations expanding in those countries.

Ethernet Connect is BT’s family of Ethernet VPN services, which allows for combining different types of connection to build the best possible network for each organisation. BT Ethernet Connect services currently cover more than 40 countries around the world and are expected to reach over 50 countries by the end of this year, including Chile, Colombia and Argentina.

[Read more...]

Wi-fi Roam

Grow your enterprise portfolio with unified communications: Add cloud-based conferencing

Many of your corporate and SME customers are on the look-out for new ways of working to make their staffs more efficient. If you can provide a new approach that brings with it cost savings from reduced travel, you’ll help your customers improve their balance sheets, their environmental impact and their employees’ work-life balance.

BT One Conferencing gives you the opportunity to add white-labelled conferencing services from the cloud to your portfolio. Boosting your revenue streams with no upfront costs, these services marketed under your own brand can drive your business forward and help you compete more effectively in your marketplace. [Read more...]