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City image from BT and Cisco digital transformation infographic on IDC's cyber security report

Find out why cyber security is vital to digital transformation.

Most organisations around the world have ineffective cyber security, and that means they struggle to thrive in today’s digital world.

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cloud concerns

Dealing with the ‘new normal’ in security.

By David Canellos, SVP Service Provider, MSP and Strategic Partners, Symantec.

BT customers are set to benefit from enhanced cloud security and simplified network administration, following its partnership with Symantec.

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BT and Cisco paper image

BT and Cisco — saving thousands of global reputations together.

By Kate Kuehn, Head of the Security Practice, Americas, BT.

Cyber security will make or break a digital business. It is the number-one enabler, allowing a business to run at speed and to build customer trust and investor confidence.

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Konstantinos Karagiannis, CTO Security Consulting Practice, BT Americas

Blockchain has a huge security flaw — can it be fixed?

By Konstantinos Karagiannis, CTO, Security Consulting Practice, Americas, BT.

Bitcoin changed money forever. But without blockchain, it has no intrinsic value. Find out why all companies need to be concerned about its significant security flaw.

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