BT Information Security Journalism Awards 2012

The BT Information Security Journalism Awards are designed to recognise information security journalism in the UK and honour specific journalists who have demonstrated leadership, innovation and excellence.

The rise and rise of IT has had a huge impact on the journalism sector, and journalists are in direct competition with social media, bloggers and forums; sometimes expert, sometimes wholly wrong, and more often than not, somewhere in between.

Cutting through the comprehension and conjecture are some truly special reporters, and for the past six years BT has been recognising those who continue to report on stories about the IT security sector which are of real value to their readers.

Huge credit should go to each of our shortlisted journalists, all of whom demonstrated an ability to write clear, compelling and important stories, tackling a wide range of issues and asking difficult questions. Each of them has played a crucially important role in helping to sustain the impressive reputation of information security journalism in the UK.

Congratulations to this year’s winners and to all the nominees, for the important work they do.

And the winners are:

Information Security Journalist of the Year: 

This year, the top award went to Tom Brewster from Tech Week Europe,who impressed the judges with a number of heavyweight features and investigations on topics including the fight against botnets, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security at universities, and the DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) market.

Best Information Security News Story of the Year:

The Guardian’s Nick Hopkins scooped the Best Information Security News Story of the Year award for his article “Militarisation of cyberspace: how the global power struggle moved online”.

Best Overall Information Security Feature Article of the Year:

Danny Bradbury walked away with prize for his article “The US vs. China: a very civil (cyber) war

Best Privacy Feature of the Year:

John Leyden picked up Best Privacy Feature of the Year for his article “Mobile app privacy: You get what you pay for” published in The Register.

Best Cybercrime Feature of the Year:

Danny Bradbury again walks away with prize for “Follow the money: the economics of fake anti-virus”.

Best Investigative Feature of the Year:

Misha Glenny was the winner for his article “Cybercrime: is it out of control?” for The Guardian

Best Security Broadcast Feature/News Story of the Year 

Geoff White and Benjamin Cohen became the first winners of the new award for their Channel 4 News package on security issues with contactless payment cards.

BT Enigma Award: 

New Scientist’s Paul Marks won in recognition of his outstanding and consistent contribution to information security journalism.

Congratulations to all who were nominated and everyone involved!


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