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Dolly Parton, Dilbert, Doctor No and the future of work

What is the relationship between Dolly Parton, Dilbert, Dr. No and the future of work? At the BT Business Day 2012, Nicola Millard explained it in her presentation about the future of work.

Nicola Millard reminded us how important it is to have a balanced communications diet in a world where, during an average working day, we are interrupted every 3 minutes.

Nevertheless, technology is clearly changing the ways we work and extending the office in the networking enterprise. [Read more…]

Deutsche Post DHL

Logistics 2050: Discover the Deutsche Post DHL scenario study

As mentioned in a previous post, Deutsche Post DHL conducted a study into what our world could be like in 2050 and what the implications could be for the logistics business.

At the BT Business Day 2012, VP Solutions & Innovation Steffen Frankenberg presented the results. Steffen explained why it’s important to try to predict future trends and scenarios, even if the future can not be predicted.

To conduct the scenario study, Deutsche Post DHL involved external experts and followed a methodology to develop potential scenarios and their implications.   [Read more…]

Jeroen Tas

Philips and business transformation: the CIO perspective

Jeroen Tas, EVP and CIO at Philips, gave a great presentation at last week’s BT Business Day. One of  the company’s missions: improve the lives of 3bn people by 2025.

Philips is a company in flux. Here’s a global multi-business unit organisation that has to embrace a dynamic new world of connected consumers and connected products.

It is a company that is building global value chains and platforms that are easy to customise to local conditions. And it is a company that is undergoing a major transformation, moving from a product-driven organisation towards a market-driven one. Jeroen Tas explains what this all means for IT. [Read more…]

Luis Alvarez

Luis Alvarez: welcome to Glocaland

At the BT Business Day 2012Luis Alvarez, BT President for EMEA and Latin America, talked about Glocaland: be global but act, deliver and understand local.

Luis explains why the current wave of globalisation is different and elaborates on concepts such as Glocal Markets, Glocal Sourcing and Glocal Talent.

First of all: what is Glocaland? Luis Alvarez: I like to call our business environment ‘Glocaland’ to emphasize how extraordinary it has become, almost as if it were a new planet. Think about it. In one sense our world has become completely borderless – we’ve become so well connected, that the world has become rather small. [Read more…]

Pascal Matzke

Pascal Matzke (Forrester Research): why we’re at the dawn of a new era

One of the speakers at the BT Business Day Benelux 2012, was Forrester Research Director Pascal Matzke. Matzke argues that the ICT landscape is undergoing a major shift in focus from systems of record to systems of engagement. Pascal explains what he means by that and what the implications will be for the CIO and the vendor-customer relationship.

In his research, Pascal Matzke writes about the dawn of a new era and the increasing importance of ‘systems of engagement’. Pascal explains what he means by that.

Pascal Matzke: Historically the technology industry has undergone a series of major transformations as a result of new disruptive innovations. In the past these transformations happened one after the other, leaving room for digestion and growth, while today we are facing several major technology disruptions –mobile, cloud, big data, social media–simultaneously. That is new. [Read more…]