Proud to be a CIO!

It was a privilege to be asked by the Economist to be the opening plenary speaker at their CIO Forum this morning. But to be honest I was there by accident. I was originally asked to speak on a panel about IT and business growth. I had a call with the conference editor to discuss my role on the panel and after we talked about my background he said “Luis, you are the perfect man to open this conference!”

Why me? Because I have been a CIO, I work supporting CIOs (and still do!) and as CEO I have a CIO in my team. Given the opening address was entitled “Who needs a CIO?” then I suppose I was well qualified. [Read more...]

Edwin Hageman

Time for IT to display business leadership: the alignment of CIO and CxO

Earlier this month Pierrette de Leeuw Koumans referred to comments on the annual CIO survey of, stating CIOs are gaining stature as business strategists. The comments seemed to show a less rosy picture of the involvement of IT and the CIO in the overall business strategy. And, indeed, unfortunately IT is not looked upon as a skilled and respected partner in the business. [Read more...]

Pierrette de Leeuw-Koumans

IT and Business. An Imperfect Match?

In a blog post on the impact of digital business on the enterprise we referred to a survey by, stating that CIOs are gaining stature as business strategists. End 2011, we mentioned a McKinsey survey, indicating the business expectations for IT have never been higher. The importance of IT for business gets increasingly emphasized. However, is IT really involved in the business yet?

IT is not a cost centre anymore but a business asset. To fully leverage this, all agree that organizational changes and intensive collaboration are needed. But there is more. [Read more...]

Customer Service

Where the CIO and Customer Collide

BT’s CXO summits aim to challenge the audience. At the Sydney event a challenge was put down specifically to the CIO’s within the audience over two contrasting sessions.

Take these two statements:

“CIO’s used to have to focus just on internal customers. Now they’re expected to be as connected with external audiences, especially customers, as they are with their organisations IT users.”

“Smartphone users are becoming monster customers. They are testing companies with more complex and more emotive calls.” [Read more...]

Gistelinck Paul

Building a smart electricity network

A number of industries are undergoing some form of technology-driven transformation, but few face the mammoth task of turning a region’s electricity network into an intelligent network –  and doing so quick enough so that Belgium has a reasonable chance at achieving Europe’s energy and climate goals. We spoke to Paul Gistelinck, CIO at Eandis.

What are some of the key strategic challenges that Eandis faces?

Given our role in the country’s energy infrastructure, our most important strategic driver today is Europe’s 20-20-20 climate and energy package. Europe has agreed on the targets: a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions and a 20% improvement in energy efficiency, both to be achieved by 2020. The Belgian and Flemish governments have translated these into regulations that have a direct impact on our business activities.  [Read more...]