financial services

Jumping hurdles when time is money

By Marc Carletti, Vice President,Global Banking & Financial Markets, BT

If there’s one industry that truly spans global boundaries, it’s financial services. It’s one of the things that unifies every society: our economies need to be managed efficiently and effectively. It is, as they say, what makes the world go round.

In terms of an industry, the financial services sector faces challenges the same as any other. It goes through peaks and troughs, and has trials to overcome. Sometimes these trials come from external factors — things outside the industry’s control — but at other times, the hurdles to jump come in the form of internal practices and difficulties. Where you have groups of people all trying to work together in different corners of the world, already battling with various currencies and customs, it’s imperative that you’re not laden with outdated legacy systems that will struggle to meet demand. [Read more...]

Craig Chadburn

November’s must-reads

November has been a high-voltage month with huge amounts happening in the IT sphere and this is reflected in what we’ve covered on Let’s Talk during the month.

Collaboration was a hot topic in November and it features in each of our must-reads. We’ll show you how to improve your collaborative effort in a variety of ways, including our top four tips to ensure effective collaboration and how to prevent your employees feeling digitally dislocated. We’ve also seen how ‘hack days’ have inspired a change of thought in local government, why your CEO should be as tech-savvy as your CIO and the eight similarities between corporate social media and Strictly Come Dancing — it’s amazing where productive ideas can spring from.

So for the best of November on Let’s Talk — with added sparkle — read on. [Read more...]

Cloud Computing

Cloud-based collaboration is the answer to digital dislocation

New independent research commissioned by BT and Cisco reveals that stretched budgets and outdated systems prevent better collaboration in large organisations with solutions emerging in the cloud. [Read more...]

Kate Ross

Bridging the gap: unified communications and ‘digital dislocation’

New cloud solution launched by BT and Cisco to meet collaboration needs. 

Here at BT, we’re big on listening — as the world’s oldest telecommunications company, it’s something that we’ve always been keen on. We’ve partnered with Cisco to do just that, and carried out independent research to determine the problems that IT decision-makers are facing in today’s climate. We found a ‘digital dislocation’ within global organisations; employees are demanding new and more efficient ways of collaborating and communicating, and workarounds are being used to facilitate outdated technology. A gap is emerging between the workload and what tools are available, and unified communications could be a way to bridge the gap.  [Read more...]