Neil Sutton

Better cloud through Microsoft Azure

By Neil Sutton, Vice President, Global Portfolio at BT Global Services

Cloud: on paper, it’s one of the most revolutionary technological breakthroughs we’ve had in recent years. In practice?  The issues of security and reliability are still holding many CIOs back from fully embracing the trend. It’s hard to know that you’re getting the best service as well as being protected from online threats.

We know that those daring to take the plunge into Cloud are looking for a hybrid solution that seamlessly mixes and matches private cloud, public cloud and on -premise infrastructure. That’s why we are teaming up with Microsoft to add even more secure, resilient access to Microsoft Azure, the company’s public cloud platform. [Read more...]

Rebecca Pedley

What do you get when over 100 women who work in IT are put together in a room?

By Rebecca Pedley, Global Marketing

Excellent networking opportunities, four great speaker sessions, and interesting discussions about careers and innovation in the industry. On 13 March, the Tesco Women in IT event was held at the Institute of General Practitioners in London and women were definitely the theme of the day. [Read more...]

Craig Chadburn

That February feeling

As our days start to get lighter and we edge closer towards the delights of Spring, we’re ready to take on the rest of the year with positivity. Here’s a round-up of some articles we’ve hand-picked from February, which will help you to do just that. Are you up-to-date with the most recent technology trends, and are you doing all you can to stay away from security threats?

Take it easy and let us tell you everything you need to know, we’ve got it covered. [Read more...]

financial services

Jumping hurdles when time is money

By Marc Carletti, Vice President,Global Banking & Financial Markets, BT

If there’s one industry that truly spans global boundaries, it’s financial services. It’s one of the things that unifies every society: our economies need to be managed efficiently and effectively. It is, as they say, what makes the world go round.

In terms of an industry, the financial services sector faces challenges the same as any other. It goes through peaks and troughs, and has trials to overcome. Sometimes these trials come from external factors — things outside the industry’s control — but at other times, the hurdles to jump come in the form of internal practices and difficulties. Where you have groups of people all trying to work together in different corners of the world, already battling with various currencies and customs, it’s imperative that you’re not laden with outdated legacy systems that will struggle to meet demand. [Read more...]

cloud computing

Collaboration: catch you in the cloud

This month BT is launching BT One cloud Lync 2013.  We spoke to Roeland Vanrenterghem, Portfolio Manager at BT, about collaboration in the cloud and why cloud-based collaboration platforms are the approach to take.

According to analyst firm Frost and Sullivan, the widespread adoption of Microsoft Lync, along with cloud-based Unified Communications (UC) are two key factors contributing to the changing face of UC. Furthermore, the collaboration dimension is growing. Even UC areas such as video, for instance, are becoming more about sharing and collaboration.

Roeland explains where the market is going with collaboration in the cloud. [Read more...]