Art of Connecting

Infographic: Orchestrating your network

In today’s connected world where people use multiple applications and devices, delivering a great performance comes down to being able to orchestrate a multitude of networked resources globally, securely and affordably.

Check out our latest infographic to find out more: [Read more...]

Mark Weeks

The tail of a Kolinsky sable

By Mark Weeks, Head of Executive Thought Leadership, BT Global Services

In the 17the century the word art referred to any skill or mastery. It meant pretty much the same as craft or science. However three hundred years of rapid technical and social evolution has allowed us to think beyond just function for survival. And so today we have a more soulful meaning of the word art. Today it means creativity, inspiration, imagination, innovation, courage and feeling – usually a good feeling.

Art, as in beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. There are only two types of art. Good art and bad art. And there is only one judge of it – you. You know when a brilliant artist has been at work. You recognise complete mastery of a craft and – be it in the medium of a painting, sculpture, building or piece of music – you are moved, you are amazed, you are stunned by it. [Read more...]

Craig Chadburn

April’s favourite five

It’s that time again for our round-up and it’s April’s turn to showcase the best activity from the past month. Keep your finger on the pulse by reading our five favourites; from the latest technological innovations within the trading industry, to network services in the European Union — we’ve got it covered. [Read more...]

N3 Mobile Health

Building the NHS a cloud solution to rely on

The National Health Service (NHS) N3 Infrastructure is one of the largest broadband virtual private networks in Europe. Benefitting a population of over 50 million, it provides the internet gateway for the 1.3 million people working for the NHS.

Initially, the N3 infrastructure was used by the NHS just to support much-needed national healthcare services such as the NHS Care Records Service. But, more recently, Paul Everson and his colleagues at the Health and Social Care Innovation Centre (HSCIC) recognised it as an opportunity to unlock cost savings from the 23 million telephone calls made by NHS staff every year. [Read more...]

Neil Sutton

Better cloud through Microsoft Azure

By Neil Sutton, Vice President, Global Portfolio at BT Global Services

Cloud: on paper, it’s one of the most revolutionary technological breakthroughs we’ve had in recent years. In practice?  The issues of security and reliability are still holding many CIOs back from fully embracing the trend. It’s hard to know that you’re getting the best service as well as being protected from online threats.

We know that those daring to take the plunge into Cloud are looking for a hybrid solution that seamlessly mixes and matches private cloud, public cloud and on -premise infrastructure. That’s why we are teaming up with Microsoft to add even more secure, resilient access to Microsoft Azure, the company’s public cloud platform. [Read more...]