Santa needs cloud

Santa gets your wish lists (c)loud and clear

How Rudolph saved the day with cloud solutions.

For most of the year it’s pretty quiet for Santa. He goes on a cruise or two and hopes the elves don’t get into too much trouble when sourcing the materials to make exciting presents. It’s a quiet life, with a call or two here and there, maybe a conference with an elf who’s found the next big thing in stocking fillers Down Under, or a rogue letter from a child who’s excitedly planning ahead in August.

Then December hits. Every child around the globe settles down to write a list full of the things they most desire: reams and reams of instructions for train sets, video games, dolls houses and puppy dogs. [Read more…]

Lucy Cowcill

Everything, everywhere; educating post-millennials

By Lucy Cowcill, head of communications, BT Global Government and Health

Confession time. I’m generation X. My school memories are of chalk blackboards, exercise books and shared textbooks. I remember the excitement of the first few whiteboards arriving and the confusion of early computer lessons.

Now, I watch young children play with tablets and smartphones whilst their parents enjoy a lunchtime gossip and see them try to ‘swipe’ books, magazines and the TV in confusion. [Read more…]


November sparks

With Christmas coming up, we’ve been busy as ever, uncovering the lastest in technology. From the potential of wi-fi in the high street to our top tips for planning the cloud, we’ve put together a list of the best of our blogs so you’re up-to-date with the latest in innovation and technology in communication.
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Bas Burger

The Art of Connecting Securely: Think security first

By Bas Burger, President, BT in the Americas, BT Global Services

As I walked around at last week’s Alsbridge Provider Summit, there were more discussions around autonomics, connected car and cloud than I could count.   Thinking about all the presentations and topics, one recurring theme kept coming to my mind…”what about security?”

Over the past several months BT has talked to our customers about how to use technology to find creative ways to improve business outcomes using cloud, collaboration, mobility and networks. The one common theme that connects all these is security. [Read more…]


Bringing the benefits of cloud to the life sciences sector

By Yury Rozenman, Head of Business Development, Healthcare and Life Sciences

Scientific discovery hinges on the ability to bring the right minds together, at the right time. But how do you achieve this free-flowing collaboration in an environment that’s fundamentally restricted by absolutely essential regulatory and compliance requirements?

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