SASOL: Building communities across continents

Have you ever seen a balloon burst in slow motion? It’s remarkable to see the consequence of stretching something beyond its limit so clearly. If you pump too much air into a balloon, the likelihood is it’ll explode; if not now, then at the lightest touch. This is because, as the membrane expands, it loses its integrity. Its fibres are pulled apart to the point that any minor stress breaks their bonds beyond repair. It’s a good illustration of the stresses and strains facing business today. Organisations are currently operating on a global scale that’s never been seen before. And, while it’s true that a company has a wider reach with offices right around the world, staying in touch can prove complicated, expensive and environmentally unfriendly. [Read more...]

Mike Parfitt

People are an organisation’s strongest asset

By Mike Parfitt, Head of Marketing, Central Government, BT Global Services

If people are an organisation’s strongest asset, then helping them to realise their full potential has got to be near the top of any executive’s to do list.

Giving people the right tools and the right environment to work in can empower them to deliver high quality services.

In the Civil Service, many people have to battle against outdated IT, poorly designed workplaces and inflexible working practices. The way they work has changed, but the tools and environment have stayed the same. [Read more...]

Chris Lindsay

Public services: delivering the next generation of change

By Chris Lindsay, Head of Marketing, Global Government & Health

‘Do more with less’ is common mantra across the public sector. Cuts to budgets on one hand and increasing pressures on service delivery from an ageing, more demanding population on the other.

Our thought leadership paper, Public services: delivering the next generation of change, asked almost 400 local government officials how technology, skills and collaboration can power public services successfully.

The effect of the challenges the public sector faces was evident, with 87 per cent of people listing efficiency savings as a high priority. The concept that ICT can help improve services at lower cost also seems to be true, with three quarters of respondents reporting that digital technologies have already helped transform their services. [Read more...]

Steve Gillies

When flexible working requests flood in, how will employers adapt?

By Steve Gillies, Transformation Consultant, BT

Last week I wrote about the UK Government’s extension of the right to flexible working arrangements from those working in care or child care to every employee across the country. Over 20 million employees can now request one of several flexible working arrangements like job sharing, working from home or tailored hours.

This is a significant legislative change and employers are understandably concerned about how to respond. It’s not just the potential volume of requests that is worrying, but also how to arrive at the best outcome for all parties involved. How can employers ensure that responses are legitimate, consistent and equitable? Employers also have a lot to gain, so how do they make sure they can benefit from flexible working? [Read more...]

Future of Collaboration

New infographic: Turning a far-flung organisation into a single community

What does it take to bring a vision of global expansion to life, bringing experts together from around the world to work as a team without clocking up the travel miles? Our infographic tells the story of one organisation’s journey from 34,000 employees scattered around the world and travelling over one million kilometres in six months, to a single, global community, that uses the best of video conferencing to operate cohesively and cost-effectively.

Find out how we worked with SASOL, an international integrated energy and chemical company, to bring everyone together, reduce their costs and their carbon footprint. Together we made things better for their people, better for the planet and better for their bottom line. [Read more...]