Singing from the same carol sheet

People say there’s no such thing as Santa Claus, but we know better. Here at BT, we’ve been given a sneak peek into what he gets up to at this time of year, and we can tell you: the normal old fashioned view of him is very much outdated. Forget open fires and one-room workshops: Christmas is a 21st century global business, and Santa himself is CEO.

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virtual showcase

Showcasing the future

When you’re looking to improve and upgrade the technology within your organisation, it’s useful to be able to get a hands-on demonstration of a potential product or solution. We know that it’s not always possible to provide a physical showcase for everyone, so here’s our early Christmas present to you — our Virtual Showcase.

Located around the world, our Customer Showcases are an ideal opportunity to trial and learn more about our innovative technology solutions. Engaging, interactive experiences that bring to life our core services in a unique environment, each showcase is designed to give you an insight into how we can help you drive change in your organisation. [Read more…]


Collaboration — crystal clear

Building a resilient and valuable communications infrastructure that’s ready to support the future needs of your organisation can be a daunting challenge. We’re dedicated to developing and deploying great collaboration and communication technology that’s all about bringing your people together — no matter where they are. We’ve brought together the top things to consider when you’re looking for the perfect collaboration solutions in one simple infographic.

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Ruth Rowan

Seven top tips for staging the perfect virtual event

By Ruth Rowan, Chief Marketing Officer, Asia, Middle East and Africa, BT

What better way to showcase our technology than by hosting a virtual event?

That was the theory behind our 2013 virtual summit for Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa (AMEA). We wanted to tell journalists and analysts our business investment plans for the region. And we knew that we could save money and invite more people if we made it virtual.

So we invited 105 journalists and analysts and hosted it in ten cities. Compared with our ‘physical’ summit in Hong Kong the year before when we flew in 60 journalists and analysts. [Read more…]

Video conferencing

INFOGRAPHIC: Video conferencing and the future of business communications

It’s remarkable technology that’s changed the way we communicate, yet the conference call is still evolving for ever more efficient business meetings. It’s already given us the ability to instantly connect with colleagues around the world, so what’s the next step on the path to even quicker conferencing? How can you give your collaboration and productivity a further boost? [Read more…]