Yury Rozenman

Keeping collaboration secure – Interview with CEO of Exostar

By Yury Rozenman, Head of Business Development, Healthcare and Life Sciences

Now more than ever, organizations need to collaborate with external stakeholders in a safe, secure manner. This is especially relevant to highly-regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare and aerospace & defense. Just how do companies manage to do this when sensitive and valuable information is involved? Is there an easy way to manage system access when thousands of users are involved – from many different organizations – without compromising security?

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Graham Dickens, Principal Enterprise Architect, BT Global Services

Getting really smart

By: Graham Dickens, Principal Enterprise Architect,  BT Global Services

In the IT industry it’s difficult to escape from buzzwords — new ones seem to emerge every other day. Take smart, for example. Smart cities, smart offices and even smart homes are popping up everywhere, but what does it really mean? The smart thing to do, of course, is to unearth the definition. Only when you pin down the real meaning can you begin to work out how effective it can be, and what it means for our buildings.

At BT, our definition of smart has evolved over the years. We’ve been invested in smart technology from the word go, so we’ve been right at the heart of its transformation. It was originally a nod to internet connectivity, but now, as Information Communication and Technology (ICT) is becoming more of a utility than a commodity; smart refers to the use of collaborative and connected technologies (e.g. Unified Communications). Smart buildings are those that successfully integrate ICT into their infrastructure: it’s the reason that close to zero net energy buildings can now be achieved and it plays a large role in the reduction of emissions. [Read more...]


Collaboration: planting the seeds of success

Increasing crop productivity, protecting the environment and improving health and quality of life — impressive stuff, and that’s what Syngenta does, on a global scale. Achieving these ambitious goals hinges on how well their employees, partners and customers can communicate and collaborate. Like most modern organisations, their employees work from all over the world and use a mixture of devices — smooth and cost-effective communication is vital to their success.

Find out how they used the BT One Collaborate managed services to host a virtual event that brought their global team together, involving 200 people, spanning 18 countries. It helped to cut costs, save time and enabled them to become more flexible and efficient. Read the full case study here. [Read more...]

Craig Chadburn BT GS Social Media Lead

July — the cream of the crop

The global demand for all things digital shows no sign of slowing down, and the stream of technological innovation is in no danger of drying up. No one knows better than us how the rapidly changing landscape can impact on organisations around the world. Here’s the cream of July’s crop — looking into how technology is revolutionising workplaces in every sector.

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SASOL: Building communities across continents

Have you ever seen a balloon burst in slow motion? It’s remarkable to see the consequence of stretching something beyond its limit so clearly. If you pump too much air into a balloon, the likelihood is it’ll explode; if not now, then at the lightest touch. This is because, as the membrane expands, it loses its integrity. Its fibres are pulled apart to the point that any minor stress breaks their bonds beyond repair. It’s a good illustration of the stresses and strains facing business today. Organisations are currently operating on a global scale that’s never been seen before. And, while it’s true that a company has a wider reach with offices right around the world, staying in touch can prove complicated, expensive and environmentally unfriendly. [Read more...]