SASOL: Building communities across continents

Have you ever seen a balloon burst in slow motion? It’s remarkable to see the consequence of stretching something beyond its limit so clearly. If you pump too much air into a balloon, the likelihood is it’ll explode; if not now, then at the lightest touch. This is because, as the membrane expands, it loses its integrity. Its fibres are pulled apart to the point that any minor stress breaks their bonds beyond repair. It’s a good illustration of the stresses and strains facing business today. Organisations are currently operating on a global scale that’s never been seen before. And, while it’s true that a company has a wider reach with offices right around the world, staying in touch can prove complicated, expensive and environmentally unfriendly. [Read more...]

Future of Collaboration

New infographic: Turning a far-flung organisation into a single community

What does it take to bring a vision of global expansion to life, bringing experts together from around the world to work as a team without clocking up the travel miles? Our infographic tells the story of one organisation’s journey from 34,000 employees scattered around the world and travelling over one million kilometres in six months, to a single, global community, that uses the best of video conferencing to operate cohesively and cost-effectively.

Find out how we worked with SASOL, an international integrated energy and chemical company, to bring everyone together, reduce their costs and their carbon footprint. Together we made things better for their people, better for the planet and better for their bottom line. [Read more...]

Carlos Zamora

Take the conversation further

By Carlos Zamora, Vice President, BT Conferencing

Everyone knows that communication is central to the success of any endeavour, and business is no exception. Obviously, it’s the people who make an organisation, but if those people can’t get together when they need to, what can they achieve? Excellent collaboration is only possible with an excellent communications network. Take a look at our infographic for a handy outline of what unified communications could mean for your business and how easy it could be for you to start your journey to better conversations.

The organisations of today operate on a global scale that’s never been seen before. The workforce is increasingly scattered around the globe and this can bring problems as well as benefits. It’s true that, with colleagues across continents, a company has a wider reach and is more likely to have people where the action is, but it also means that, sometimes, the experts aren’t exactly where you need them. What if the personnel of a mining company in the frozen north of Canada need the advice of an industry expert in London? [Read more...]

Carlos Zamora

It’s a small world after all: communicating in the business world

By Carlos Zamora,  Vice President, BT Conferencing

Is the world becoming a smaller place? I think at long last it finally is. Collaboration is now a business reality rather than the much talked about nirvana that will lessen our time traveling and at the airport.

It sounds great, but what has really changed? I would say it’s us. The rise of smart phones and tablets means we can all see the benefits of being connected 24/7 to hear and see each other, no matter where we are in the world. [Read more...]


Infographic: the transformation trajectory

There’s an endless list of inventions that make our lives easier: the internet, mobiles, fridges, light bulbs, central heating… These are just some of the things that have become so ingrained in our everyday lives — so much so that you can sometimes wonder how we ever coped without them. In business, conferencing is one of these technologies that has revolutionised the way we communicate for good. It helps us collaborate across the globe with ease. It’s time saving. It cuts costs. It reduces travel. It makes us more effective. Our infographic shows you ways in which BT Conferencing has transformed our customer’s businesses for the better, and they’ve never looked back. [Read more...]