INFOGRAPHIC: The USA — conferencing capital of the world?

Conferencing is a global force, connecting organisations all around the world. But of course, every culture and country works in different ways and inevitably has different ways of making the most of every call. Our recent research with Dolby and the University of Cambridge took a look at the global view of conference calls in four different countries, using 400 surveys and five experts, to see what makes us tick — conference-wise — in each place.

With our last infographic looking at our views on conferencing here in the UK, we’ve now gone stateside with a focus on the USA findings. Take a look at our new infographic to get the low-down:

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Kate Ross

Collaboration: You don’t need to do this all in one leap

The benefits of collaboration are revolutionary. Harnessing the whole team means saving money, increased capacity, shared expertise, and faster decision-making. In our series on the journey to better conversations, we take a closer look at ways you can harness this power to transform your organisation.

Of course, changes need to be made to your IT, but you don’t have to have a guns blazing approach; no matter how much it feels like everything has to change. You need to make sure that business can continue as usual, as well as protecting your legacy investments. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel; your initial focus can be on migrating your legacy systems to an integrated system. And when you’re making those steps towards your end goal of better conversations, it helps to have someone you trust with you every step of the way. [Read more...]


INFOGRAPHIC: Conversations, conferencing and collaboration — the UK findings

It’s fair to say that the conference call has changed the way we do business for good. It’s one of the most remarkable technologies available to us today — allowing us to connect with colleagues all over the world. But are you getting the most out of every call? How can you make use of this technology for quicker, more efficient business meetings? [Read more...]


Collaboration: planting the seeds of success

Increasing crop productivity, protecting the environment and improving health and quality of life — impressive stuff, and that’s what Syngenta does, on a global scale. Achieving these ambitious goals hinges on how well their employees, partners and customers can communicate and collaborate. Like most modern organisations, their employees work from all over the world and use a mixture of devices — smooth and cost-effective communication is vital to their success.

Find out how they used the BT One Collaborate managed services to host a virtual event that brought their global team together, involving 200 people, spanning 18 countries. It helped to cut costs, save time and enabled them to become more flexible and efficient. Read the full case study here. [Read more...]

David Stark

Keep everyone engaged when they’re on a call

By David Stark, VP BT Conferencing Commercial and Portfolio

A brilliant HD experience brings calls to life.

Our series on the journey to better conversations is well underway, and today we look at the sixth stage; getting the most out of conference calls.

With all the advances in desktop technology — instant messaging, video at a click and desktop sharing — voice has remained at the heart of collaboration. And that means it’s worth investing in the best possible experience when it comes to conference calls.

BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice gives you great conversations. And now, the mobile app means that you get all the advantages while you’re on the go. [Read more...]