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INFOGRAPHIC: Video conferencing and the future of business communications

It’s remarkable technology that’s changed the way we communicate, yet the conference call is still evolving for ever more efficient business meetings. It’s already given us the ability to instantly connect with colleagues around the world, so what’s the next step on the path to even quicker conferencing? How can you give your collaboration and productivity a further boost? [Read more…]

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Unified Communications: transforming the office

By Shannon Graham, Marketing Program Director, Polycom

Continuing advancements in voice, video and content-sharing technology make it possible to transform virtually any place in the world into an ‘office.’ Unified Communications (UC) solutions, like Microsoft Lync, bring these technologies together and help us become more connected, productive and efficient. More and more organisations are seeing significant returns in today’s fast-paced global economy as a result of these solutions.

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The conferencing journey to better conversations

Once upon a time our options for collaboration were rather thin on the ground: face to face meetings were the pinnacle of communication, and getting everyone in one room was a struggle. Now we’re in an age where we’re constantly in touch with technology through our personal devices — from tablets at our tables to our phones as we walk down the street. And, increasingly, they’re helping business thrive through conferencing solutions.

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Video conferencing

Video conferencing: making the difference in patient care

In the business world, not many eyebrows would be raised at an invitation to a virtual meeting. Video conferencing is an accepted part of the working day for many organisations, and it’s even branching out into other sectors. It’s a fact: video conferencing is a useful tool in uniting a team that’s spread far and wide. And, it helps an organisation to make things run more smoothly, while making better use of both time and money. But that’s not where the benefits begin and end.

The quality of the video technology available is so good that it’s now a viable option for fulfilling a much wider range of purposes. It’s one such service which we’ve deployed in healthcare institutions all over the country to make a real difference in the lives of both staff and patients. [Read more…]

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Discovering Talent Wherever It May Be

A Profile of Simon Over, Director of Music, Southbank Sinfonia

Assume for a moment you’re a graduate student of music. And you’ve got a dream – to one day join a great orchestra. But realising dreams like that isn’t easy. Particularly if you live in a remote corner of the world.

Simon Over understands that dilemma. That’s why he founded Southbank Sinfonia. Based in London, each year over 500 hope-filled students worldwide apply for only 32 positions in an orchestra like no other. If they make the cut, they receive expert training and experience, giving their musical career a huge boost. [Read more…]