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Infographic: better connection makes better business

Connectivity is crucial for businesses; it increases productivity and cuts business costs. That’s why we teamed up with Message Stick, a niche technology service provider, that was established nine years ago to promote the connection of the indigenous Australian community with Australian and global businesses. Have a look at our infographic to find out all the ways we helped Message Stick to create better communication and transform these businesses for the future: [Read more...]

Robin Farnan, Managing Director, BT Financial Technology Services

Tomorrow’s trading tools

By Robin Farnan, Managing Director, BT Financial Technology Services

Every now and then, a piece of technology comes along that revolutionises the way we think or act or behave.  Take the smartphone, in just two years its penetration has risen from less than 30% to over 60% in the UK.   That one small device in your pocket gives you access to a world of apps, video communication, instant message, social media, all at the touch of a button or a swipe of a screen.  Indeed, I often wonder what I did before they came along!

Gesture-based user interfaces and easy-to-use communication and collaboration services are making their way onto the trading floor.  This is a complex environment where traders need to be able to communicate easily and effectively in real-time, and make fast and well-informed decisions. They also need to be in control of complicated trading strategies and demanding client relationships. [Read more...]

Robin Farnan, Managing Director, BT Financial Technology Services

A day in the life of a sales trader

By Robin Farnan, Managing Director, BT Financial Technology Services

I recently wrote a post for TabbFORUM on effective communication and invisible technology.  It gave readers a little peak into the day in the life of a sales trader. What technologies do they use the most? Where are operations getting held up? Are there any opportunities for the technology to be improved?

Traders are early birds.  At 6.30am they’re up and calling clients as they’re already on the way to the trading floor. They use their smartphone or tablet to keep updated with the latest market activity, and have received updates via email throughout the night. By 7.00am, they’re listening to the morning call on their trading turret -a specialised device- being updated on the overnight activity and the overarching strategy for the day. At the same time, they’ll be checking all the real-time news and market data that’s been delivered via the cloud.

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Adrian Hardy

There is no ‘we’ in ‘flexible working’

By Adrian Hardy

Many times I have heard the overused adage that there is no “‘I’ in team” when talking about objectives and strategy. It is therefore interesting to note that ‘flexible working’ — when considered as a strategy to deliver better against the same objectives — contains two ‘i’s’ but no ‘we’.

The problem, as I see it, is that in the last five years of the flexible working revolution, the focus has been solely on ‘enabling the individual to work any place, anytime, anywhere’. [Read more...]


Ruck and roll: the event of the season


By Kevin Taylor, President, BT Asia, Middle East and Africa & Global Logistics 

Our work in AMEA is one of our proudest achievements, from our initial investment in the area, to our case studies of the individual organisations, such as the National Bank of Abu Dhabi and the tangible impact that some of our technology is having. It’s been another exciting week for the BT AMEA team, as we prepare for the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens — the most anticipated event in the Asia sporting calendar.

We’re the proud sponsors of the Wales National Sevens Squad for the 2013/14 IRB HSBS Sevens World Series. It’s a great way of promoting our brand within the emerging markets, where six of the nine tournaments are hosted in AMEA, as well as supporting exciting sporting activity.
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