Steve Masters

Open Innovation at BT: interview with Steve Masters

A conversation with Steve Masters, BT’s VP for Customer Innovation & Design

BT has an immense innovation infrastructure covering numerous labs and partnerships around the world, and the company employs thousands of scientists and technologists. But how is that innovation put to work for customers? And what role do customers play in BT’s innovation activities?

We spoke to Steve Masters, who leads a global team that is focused on exactly these questions. [Read more…]

cloud computing

The truth about cloud: Here today, gone tomorrow?

Ann Matthews was one of the speakers in Rotterdam at the festive opening event of our third data centre in the Benelux. Ann is Head of Technology Strategy & Innovation, Retail Banking, at BT.

She has worked for BT since 1985. She is the perfect guide to takes us on a journey across essential technological and business evolutions in the market!

Ann, can you tell us a bit more about the work you do, especially from an innovation perspective? [Read more…]