Get the crumble-down on Christmas with Santa’s mince pie chart

As soon as those Christmas adverts hit TV screens, Santa is busier than ever, and everything goes into overdrive at Christmas Inc. Elves and reindeer dash around The Grotto, working to make sure every wish-list is read and every present is wrapped ready for Santa to deliver on Christmas Eve.
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richard atherton

Cloud contact centres: decreasing the distance between retailers and their customers

By Richard Atherton, Head of Cloud Contact, BT Global Services

In the retail world, the customer is king and if they don’t want to lose out to their competitors, retailers must provide services that support the customers in the way that they want, when they want it.

Cloud contact centre platforms allow retailers to support their customers by providing multichannel connectivity that blends email, web chat and social media with traditional voice technologies. Secondly they enable retailers to make their expertise available across the whole contact centre environment; putting customers through to the people they need to speak to first time, every time. [Read more…]

Nicola Millard

Switching on Service

Nicola Millard discusses the rise of the autonomous customer ─ the reason that utility companies need to up their game.

There are a few things that telecoms and utilities companies have in common – the only really tangible aspects of their service is what goes out of your bank account every quarter and what happens when things go wrong. Things don’t go wrong very often but we only really realise what we’ve got when we don’t have it and we need to contact the organisation and sort things out.

Getting that service piece right is critical to persuade customers that they are getting value for money and keep them from switching. Loyalty in both the telecoms and utilities sector is largely driven by laziness – we can’t be bothered to switch – but we can’t become complacent. Our research this year into ‘Autonomous Customers’ in both the UK and US shows that loyalty cannot be taken for granted. 50% of UK customers told us that loyalty is a thing of the past and they list price, effort and service high on their agenda. [Read more…]

richard atherton

Experts or Simpletons?

What does Social Media and rising Importance of the Knowledge Base mean for the Contact Centre Agent of the Future?

By: Richard Atherton, Head of Cloud Contact, BT Global Services

Einstein stated that, “A generation of Idiots”, would be the result of technology surpassing human interaction.

Were these the words of a visionary who saw the rise of technology as a means to solve human enquiries; or simply the words of a grumpy old man, at odds with a world he no longer fully understood ?

Two things we know for sure: Einstein was correct in predicting that technology would start to replace human interaction and contact centers definitely highlight this trend. We also know that he never used a contact center. [Read more…]

Bringing it all together

Extending Cloud Solutions across the Ecosystem: Introducing End-To-End Cloud Contact Center Solutions

By: Douglas Tavolacci, BT Contact Strategic Business Development, BT Global Services.

BT research indicates 7 out of 10 consumers prefer using self-serve applications vs. live agents if they provide “improved speed and control”, and almost 8 out of 10 consumers will buy more from companies that “make it easier to do business” with them.   These basic insights are becoming increasingly relevant as companies look to expand “cloud-based” contact center capabilities beyond core infrastructure to across the customer management ecosystem. 

Whether by phone, email, chat, SMS or social media, customers want quick and accurate information from organizations to address their needs. Right. First. Time. These can range from known routine transactions, to predictable interactions foreseen by big data analytics, to social media.   [Read more…]