A Collaborative Mind-set

By Rehan Khan, Regional Consulting Director, BT MENA

We strive to be effective executives and managers, but what does that mean?

In answering this question, management thinkers have tended to focus on one particular aspect of managing. So Henri Fayol, the “father” of industrial management, says it’s about controlling. Tom Peters emphasises doing – “Don’t think, do” he extolls. Michael Porter prefers to equate managing with analysing. Warren Beavis likes to focus on leading and Herbert Simon on decision making.

We know that effective managing isn’t one of these things but all of them. What’s more we know managing is rarely well-structured and orderly. Rather it takes place in a spontaneous manner, with plenty of interruptions, changes of direction; in fact there is more reacting than initiating. [Read more...]

cloud contact

Cloud contact has customer service covered

How do you keep the business running smoothly and provide the same levels of service when calls unexpectedly shoot up from 2,000 to 260,000 a day?

Let’s face it, customers rarely phone to congratulate you, so when they call they expect their query or problem to be sorted quickly and efficiently. I’m sure this isn’t a revelation. People have always had high expectations of customer service. But those expectations have skyrocketed in recent years and many businesses are struggling to keep up. [Read more...]

Jeremy Ridgway

The iPad transformation

By Jeremy Ridgway, Director of Keyfact

The impact of technology and self-service on UK branches has never been more visible than it is now.

Only a few years ago most banks’ investment in branch technology was limited to various types of ATMs, with a token nod by some towards telephone and internet banking units. Self-service was viewed as a cost-effective means of migrating footfall away from counters, and freeing up staff to better engage with – and sell to – customers face-to-face. [Read more...]

Terry Green

Banking on a revolution

By Terry Green, Customer experience design expert

Customer adoption of new technology is no longer the barrier to change in the way banks serve their customers.

Rather it’s the banks themselves, their attitudes and their organisational structures that are preventing the evolution of the customer experience. [Read more...]


How do water and energy providers prepare for the generation game?

By Justine Arthur, Head of Marketing, BT Global Services UK

With new research highlighting the changing expectations of a new generation of water and energy consumers, companies are being urged to mind the generation gap. But how do they do that? 

We asked leading industry figures to review the findings of the What Matters Most survey, which quizzed people on their relationship with their water and energy providers, and discuss the key points raised.

They shared their views at a roundtable event, following the launch of the research report and the findings were featured in the trade press, with Utility Week picking up on the balance between prices and customer service and Energy Live News focusing on the generation gap in consumer attitudes. [Read more...]