Nicola Millard

Are reports of the high street’s death greatly exaggerated?

By: Nicola Millard, Customer Experience Futurologist, BT

It is easy to see the effects of our changing shopping habits on our local high streets. Are we turning into a nation of online shoppers? Is the high street becoming irrelevant? Or is there an upcoming renaissance linked with convenience and the fact that we are no longer doing a weekly ‘big shop’ anymore (see

New technologies, the changing structure of family life and financial pressures caused by a long and deep recession have observably changed the way that we shop, possibly forever. Significant players of the past are now struggling as relative newcomers exploit consumer cynicism by providing new choices, new technologies and new value options.

So are we all becoming disloyal, connected and virtualised consumers? [Read more...]

Rob McGinn BT utilities

Top level Utilities forum gets direct line of sight to better customer service

By Rob McGinn, VP, Energy and Infrastructure, BT Global Services

We recently hosted a technology forum at the top of BT Tower for our leading water and energy sector customers. Together, we wanted to see what good customer service looks like in a digital world – and share our experiences of moving towards that.

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Holding back the revolution with agility and customer service

By Simon Ormston, Head of Utilities, Global Services

It’s been said that we’re only ever three hot meals away from revolution: three days without power or water for a significant swathe of the country would be enough to cause serious civil unrest. People consider ‘their’ energy and water supplies to be a right, which means they hardly notice them when everything’s running smoothly — but they instantly become a big deal when they’re interrupted.

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david whiteley

2014: the year we went from ‘contact centre efficiency’ to ‘customer experience management’

By David Whiteley, Head of BT Advise Contact Practice.

This year we’ve moved away from contact centre efficiency towards customer experience management. I can hear you thinking: aren’t they the same? Well, it’s a pretty fundamental difference, despite the perceived similarity.

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Andrea Foord

We’re dreaming of a bright Christmas

By Andrea Foord, Head of Marketing , Retail & Supply Chain, BT Global Services

There are less than one hundred days to go until Christmas 2014 and all that entails. The shopping, perhaps, is the seasonal ritual we look forward to the least, and we all have our ways of making the ordeal more bearable. Sometimes it’s a posh coffee in a quiet café, sometimes it’s a ‘one for them, one for me’ present-buying strategy, and sometimes it’s working out the balance between the serenity of online shopping and the hustle and bustle of the high street.

If you’re a retailer, you’ll be on the lookout for new developments that will make the whole experience more exciting; those elements that will provide the ‘wow’ factor. We’ve compiled our list of the top five technologies that we think should be on every retailer’s Christmas list. [Read more...]