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Bring your own underpants

The Future of Customer Relationships: Super Agents Apply Here

Nicola herself a regular contributor on this blog, picked up a great award this month from the London and South East Contact Centre Forum, for an outstanding contribution to industry.

She picked up the award in front of leading proponents of the contact centre industry at their annual awards ceremony in London.

We reckon it’s a well-deserved award given Nicola’s close connection to the contact centre industry. [Read more...]

Consumer 2014

Shopping in an online/offline world: Infographic

As retailers grapple with the changing retail landscape our latest infographic draws on the highlights from Consumer 2014, a survey and in-depth interviews which explore shoppers’ changing interactions with retailers and provides the insight you need to stay ahead of the competition. [Read more...]

Andrea Foord

It’s no longer a battle between online and offline

Andrea Foord, Head of Marketing , Retail & Supply Chain, BT Global Services

If you work in retail you already know that competing in a multi-channel market means enhancing your shopping experience both in store and online. To do this, you need to know your customers shopping habits; you need to know where they’re shopping and how they’re doing it.

This is exactly what we discussed at our BT for Retail Summit — we brought together retailers, top-notch industry speakers for demos and debates which created a truly invigorating environment where the conversation flowed all day. Our expert panel, chaired by Retail Week’s commercial editor Charlotte Hardie, discussed The Consumer 2014 report which unveiled the findings from a major consumer survey of 2,000 people. It identified how and where people are shopping and how their attitudes are changing, providing retailers with fascinating insight into customer priorities, what makes shoppers loyal and what drives them on and offline. [Read more...]

Emer Timmons, President BT Global Services UK

Unleashing the true power of omni-channel retail

By Emer Timmons, President BT Global Services UK

The retail world has changed and shopping habits have changed with it. But this doesn’t mean that shoppers have abandoned the high street: trends suggest that people still value the same things, such as a great customer experience. And, what’s more, the customer journey is as likely to start online and end in-store than it is the other way around.

Shoppers are learning to make the most of the new channels available to them, and that’s where omni-channel retail comes in. It gives retailers the chance to orchestrate their services and connect with customers wherever they are, creating a seamless and harmonious experience regardless of how they choose to shop — in-store, over the phone, online or with a mobile app. And that’s exactly what our Retail Unplugged conference is all about. [Read more...]


A Collaborative Mind-set

By Rehan Khan, Regional Consulting Director, BT MENA

We strive to be effective executives and managers, but what does that mean?

In answering this question, management thinkers have tended to focus on one particular aspect of managing. So Henri Fayol, the “father” of industrial management, says it’s about controlling. Tom Peters emphasises doing – “Don’t think, do” he extolls. Michael Porter prefers to equate managing with analysing. Warren Beavis likes to focus on leading and Herbert Simon on decision making.

We know that effective managing isn’t one of these things but all of them. What’s more we know managing is rarely well-structured and orderly. Rather it takes place in a spontaneous manner, with plenty of interruptions, changes of direction; in fact there is more reacting than initiating. [Read more...]