Rob McGinn BT utilities

Top level Utilities forum gets direct line of sight to better customer service

By Rob McGinn, VP, Energy and Infrastructure, BT Global Services

We recently hosted a technology forum at the top of BT Tower for our leading water and energy sector customers. Together, we wanted to see what good customer service looks like in a digital world – and share our experiences of moving towards that.

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Nicola Millard

Can Your Contact Centre Agents (and Managers) Leap Tall Buildings

The world of work is getting more complex. As technology takes away the routine, mundane and predictable, we humans are left to do the heavy lifting. Few professions are immune to the march of the machines – and contact centres, in particular, are having to rise to new challenges.

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Holding back the revolution with agility and customer service

By Simon Ormston, Head of Utilities, Global Services

It’s been said that we’re only ever three hot meals away from revolution: three days without power or water for a significant swathe of the country would be enough to cause serious civil unrest. People consider ‘their’ energy and water supplies to be a right, which means they hardly notice them when everything’s running smoothly — but they instantly become a big deal when they’re interrupted.

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david whiteley

2014: the year we went from ‘contact centre efficiency’ to ‘customer experience management’

By David Whiteley, Head of BT Advise Contact Practice.

This year we’ve moved away from contact centre efficiency towards customer experience management. I can hear you thinking: aren’t they the same? Well, it’s a pretty fundamental difference, despite the perceived similarity.

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Riveting ideas give high-flying guests that special feeling

A profile of Ruth Birkin, Head of Global Contact Centres, Etihad Airways

You’ve joined a young airline in a senior role, stepping straight onto the up escalator taking the enterprise towards its hopes and dreams. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But if, like Ruth Birkin in 2011, you’ve also stepped into the hottest of hot seats—responsible for developing and managing its multichannel contact centres—the pressure’s on to deliver.

“The performance of our team in the contact centres has profound effects on how the company’s viewed by new and existing customers,” says Ruth. “It’s not for nothing we call them guests rather than passengers. That ethos pervades everything Etihad does. The experience they get at our contact centres is much more than welcoming; we make them feel truly special.” [Read more...]