Nicola Millard

How to deal with festive parcel paranoia

By Nicola Millard, Head of Customer Insight & Futures, BT Global Innovation team

Have you ever clicked “Buy” when you’re shopping online only to get a message saying: “Your parcel will be delivered between 16th and 31st December between 9am and 6pm”, or words to that effect?

It might be the season of goodwill but it’s also the season of “parcel paranoia”. You think you’ve done your Christmas shopping but the actual goods are somewhere in the ether (or in a van) between you and the retailer. That’s when you start getting sweaty palms because you’ve got an immovable deadline: 25th December. [Read more…]


Making relationships count in the financial services industry

By Mark Jopling, Vice President Retail Banking & Financial Services, BT

Recent research suggests that connecting with customers and creating trusting relationships is better than ever for financial services providers. A new survey by BT and Avaya* has found that new communication channels are creating opportunities for outstanding service and fruitful interactions.

The number of channels used by people to connect their financial service providers — such as face-to-face, telephone, mobile app and website — in the previous year increased from 4.3 to 6.2 between 2012 and 2014, the study of 2,000 consumers found. It also showed that some financial services providers are already taking advantage of these opportunities, with online personal financial management tools now being used by 34 per cent of people. [Read more…]

Rob McGinn BT utilities

Tried and tested: tips for a thriving utilities industry

What does it take to thrive as a modern utility? This was one of the questions addressed recently at Utility Week Congress 2014 — a two-day event bringing together decision makers in water, gas and electricity to get to the heart of the issues facing utility companies.

Discussion at the event included solutions which make things convenient for customers because an easily-accessed and responsive service is the key to encouraging brand loyalty. This is particularly important for water and energy companies where customer contact is often just about billing and complaints, so loyalty has always been more difficult to earn. [Read more…]

Rob McGinn BT utilities

Top level Utilities forum gets direct line of sight to better customer service

By Rob McGinn, VP, Energy and Infrastructure, BT Global Services

We recently hosted a technology forum at the top of BT Tower for our leading water and energy sector customers. Together, we wanted to see what good customer service looks like in a digital world – and share our experiences of moving towards that.

[Read more…]

Nicola Millard

Can Your Contact Centre Agents (and Managers) Leap Tall Buildings

The world of work is getting more complex. As technology takes away the routine, mundane and predictable, we humans are left to do the heavy lifting. Few professions are immune to the march of the machines – and contact centres, in particular, are having to rise to new challenges.

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