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The winners are announced for the BT Information Security Journalism Awards 2013

The crème de la crème of the Information Security Journalism world gathered together to celebrate and recognise the excellence displayed in their field this year at the Information Security Journalism Awards 2013. Congratulations to all who made the shortlist — what a year!

Freelance journalist Ryan Gallagher took home the Best Cybercrime Feature of the Year award for his article: ‘How Barrett Brown went from Anonymous’s PR to federal target’ and new entrant, Computeractive’s James Temperton, was awarded the Best Privacy Feature of the Year prize for his article: ‘Stop the Government Spying on You’. [Read more…]


BT Information Security Journalism Awards 2013: The shortlist

For the past few months, we’ve been receiving countless entries for our ninth annual Information Security Journalism Awards. The sheer calibre of the work has surpassed previous years, and our expert judging panel had great pleasure in reading them all.

Opening up the awards internationally has attracted a whole new dimension to contend with, with entries tackling thought-provoking issues and the vital role that information security plays on a daily basis.

Ray Stanton, vice president of BT Advise, BT Global Services, and chairman of the judging panel, said: “It has been another fascinating and busy year for journalists writing about information security. The number and outstanding quality of submissions challenged our judges more than ever, and has made for an impressive shortlist that we are incredibly proud of.” [Read more…]

Ray Stanton, VP BT Advise, BT Global Services

1 week until entries close to Information Security Journalism Awards 2013

By: Ray Stanton, VP BT Advise, BT Global Services

If you’ve produced an article or piece of IT journalism that you think is worthy of industry recognition, don’t forget to submit your entry to this year’s Information Security Awards. The closing date is Friday 23rd August — which is only one week away.

This year, for the first time ever, we’ve opened up the competition to journalists from all over the world with a new international category. [Read more…]


BT Opens Nominations for the Information Security Journalism Awards 2013

If you’re a talented information security journalist waiting for some recognition, here’s your chance to shine. We’re delighted to open the nominations for the seventh annual Information Security Journalism Awards.

IT is fundamental to all modern businesses all over the world, and the need for insightful, intelligent and clear-cut information has never been greater; so why limit the competition to the UK? [Read more…]

Data Security

Home Computer Security – Top 10 Tips

In the last of Robert’s series we look at his top 10 tips for staying safe at home on the computer.

Home users have become scapegoats for security lapses, such as the spreading of viruses, and for allowing the construction of botnets. As I mentioned in earlier posts, home users can find it difficult to secure their PCs and this can lead to problems for business.So do they deserve censure? No, they deserve our help.

There is now synergy between the security needs of home users and the needs of business that could be exploited to raise security levels across the board. Security professionals can have a bigger role in keeping this important constituency secure. One lesson we have learnt in the security profession is that there is little point having a huge policy document if no one reads it. Digesting and communicating the key messages is a priority. [Read more…]