Carl Knerr

Social Media: The Customer Service Megaphone

Guest post from Carl Knerr, Services Director, Avaya

For decades, consumers have run into problems with purchased products or services from companies. As technology changed, the channels grew: written letter, telephone, and then email and chat. Customers want to engage with brands on their terms and via their channels. They do not think in terms of discrete channels when interacting with companies. They make no delineation between contact channels, nor do they differentiate between sales, support, or marketing; they simply see the larger brand.

As social media grows, consumers’ use of it for support grows as well. Of the actionable tweets and posts a company receives, 80 percent are related to service and only 20 percent are about marketing, according to Forbes. The majority of companies are rolling out a customer service strategy for social media. Here are some recommendations on how to be successful. [Read more…]