Digital business, imaginative CIOs: tales of the unexpected

Earlier this week our chief executive Luis Alvarez stood in front of a large crowd at Gartner in Barcelona and delivered a surprising presentation.

It focused on four of our customers. Four ‘imaginative CIOs’. We’ll come onto them. But first: a quick step back.

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Realising new possibilities in the cloud of clouds

Yesterday our CIO, Ashish Gupta, spoke to an assembled crowd at the Gartner symposium in Barcelona about cloud.

As the CIO of an organisation that serves countless other CIOs right across the planet, he brought his own unique take on the new pressures facing the profession. Runaway connectivity, he explained, has reshaped our customers’ working worlds. It’s reshaped his, too.

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The reality of collaboration

Driving digital business – Gartner symposium gets underway in Barcelona

Taking place right now is the Barcelona Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2014. It’s one of – if not the – biggest and best industry events on the calendar. Home to some of the most innovative, cutting-edge thinking in the sector, with leading industry figures participating over the next five days.

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Electricity outages in Belgium (and beyond): time to act

Post by Davor Jakic, Systems Integrator BT Advise

Almost exactly two years ago I wrote a post on the impact of a possible winter electricity blackout in Belgium. The reason: the potential closure of two of the country’s seven nuclear power plants.

This year, two nuclear power plants were indeed shut down for security reasons and it doesn’t look as if they will ever get started up again. Although the government assures it will take extra measures to limit electricity outages, both government bodies and local energy providers warn of outages and the need to prepare the population.

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Popular Blog Post in November

The Most Popular Stories in April

Once again in April, Let’s Talk was getting to the heart of the big issues of the day.

Again the topics were varied with everything from boating to banking; and we saw blogs on security, brand loyalty and pioneering telehealth in the south west of England.

Anyway, why not see for yourself? Here are the top five articles from the Let’s Talk blog over the past month.

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