Bruce Schneier: Liars and outliers @ Infosec 2012

In case you missed him at Infosec this year, or you just want to watch it again, here’s Bruce Schneier talking about security trends today and his new book ‘Liars and outliers’… [Read more…]


Still wary of the cloud?

In this episode of Viewpoint we talk to Gordon Thomson, Director of Security at Cisco in EMEA, at Infosec 2012 about the benefits of the cloud and why organisations are still wary of it.  [Read more…]

Bruce Schneier

Infosec 2012: webcasts with Bruce Schneier, Jeff Schmidt and more

On April 24th, Europe’s largest information security conference, Infosecurity starts in London.

One of the speakers is BT’s Bruce Schneier who will be talking about the ever-present security challenges organisations face in their day-to-day operations. Don’t miss it and register for the webcast if you can’t attend.

Infosecurity will thrust the latest developments from the world of network and business security into the spotlight, with a glut of experts giving their knowledge to expectant attendees.

It offers a fantastic opportunity for people concerned with security in their industry to share experiences and ideas with other organisations — as well as giving them the chance to get the expert view by getting up close to the specialists. [Read more…]


Cloud computing: the five challenges of cloud security

Cloud security is a hot topic for many organizations. At Infosec 2011, Darren Jones, a Senior Systems Engineer at BT’s partner Crossbeam has broken down the different elements into five challenges of cloud security.

According to Darren Jones, one of the main perceptions or expectations people have is that moving to the cloud improves security. It’s going to do that in a number of ways, he says, but there is more.

Discover what is a main cloud security fear factor, what are the five challenges of cloud security from the service provider end and how you can address those cloud security challenges. [Read more…]