Get the crumble-down on Christmas with Santa’s mince pie chart

As soon as those Christmas adverts hit TV screens, Santa is busier than ever, and everything goes into overdrive at Christmas Inc. Elves and reindeer dash around The Grotto, working to make sure every wish-list is read and every present is wrapped ready for Santa to deliver on Christmas Eve.
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customer relationships

Reaching a higher level of customer service

Discover how Etisalat became more mobile, more competitive and enjoyed more savings by transforming its workforce management.

When you want to achieve world-class customer service the last thing you need to deal with are paper-based processes which slow your workforce down. Why waste valuable time and money on an outdated process that doesn’t allow you to meet customer demands?

Etisalat, the largest carrier of international voice traffic in the Middle East and Africa realised that their workforce management drastically needed to change. [Read more…]

Banking on social (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Transferring trust

In the mobile age it’s no surprise that retail banks are seeking smoother, smarter ways for their tech-savvy customers to manage their money. But for banks looking to raise their game, the challenge is less about building new platforms for banking, and more about convincing people that mobile banking is secure.

Findings from Smart Service — online research commissioned by BT in Spain, Hong Kong, the UK, France, Germany and the USA to track consumer attitudes to retail banking in the digital age — suggests that some regions are more wary of embracing services like mobile banking than others. US customers, for example, are among those that need convincing the most. [Read more…]