It’s holiday season: leave the stress at home

By Phil Blincko, Global Head of BT Advise Connect Practise, BT

As the holidays approach, we’re all thinking about the sunny getaway we’ve booked, imagining the sounds of the waves lapping on the shore and day-dreaming about those warm evenings spent with our friends and family — it’s an exciting time. But as you start to pack your suitcase the stress starts to mount; it’s hardly the relaxing break you envisioned.

There’s so much planning involved: you need to make sure you’ve got your passport, you’ve bought that map and you’ve exchanged your money into the right currency. There’s a lot to remember. And as your family grows, so does your to-do list — now there are five suitcases, five tickets and five boarding passes when there used to be one. [Read more...]

Jayne Smith

BYOD: How do you ensure mobile security?

By: Jayne Smith, Mobility Portfolio Manager

Did you know there are over one billion smartphones in the world today? But what’s incredible to learn is that the number is set to double in the next three years, and the sale of tablets will soon overtake traditional PCs. You could say that mobile working is here to stay.

We know that mobile working can boost productivity and flexibility and it’s fundamental to business resilience, but what happens if your employees want to use their work phones and connect to a cafe’s Wi-Fi, or use their own device at work? [Read more...]

The power of networks

BYOD: Secure ways of working, Infographic

BYOD, Beyond your device [Read more...]