Nicola Millard

The reinvention of the office: does distance still matter?

By Nicola Millard, Customer Experience Futurologist BT

Technology seems to be heralding the death of distance as we become untethered from our desks by a combination of mobile technologies, connectivity and cloud. Packed commuter trains and rush hour traffic jams show us a different picture. Maybe work hasn’t changed as much as the digital revolution initially promised and distance does still seem to matter.

The truth is that co-location may look like an easy solution for fostering collaboration but it doesn’t guarantee it. It is just as easy to feel isolated in an office as it is working from a remote location and the people just five bays down might just as well be on the moon to people in many offices. [Read more...]


A Collaborative Mind-set

By Rehan Khan, Regional Consulting Director, BT MENA

We strive to be effective executives and managers, but what does that mean?

In answering this question, management thinkers have tended to focus on one particular aspect of managing. So Henri Fayol, the “father” of industrial management, says it’s about controlling. Tom Peters emphasises doing – “Don’t think, do” he extolls. Michael Porter prefers to equate managing with analysing. Warren Beavis likes to focus on leading and Herbert Simon on decision making.

We know that effective managing isn’t one of these things but all of them. What’s more we know managing is rarely well-structured and orderly. Rather it takes place in a spontaneous manner, with plenty of interruptions, changes of direction; in fact there is more reacting than initiating. [Read more...]

J-P De Clerck

Why a social collaboration strategy requires a collaborative culture

In “12 ways to collaborate more effectively“, Nicola Millard provides a mix of strategic and hands-on collaboration tips. Strategy is an often overlooked barrier for success regarding collaboration in general and more specifically in social collaboration, the topic I’m covering here.

Social collaboration tools and more traditional collaboration tools, form the backbone of an enterprise collaboration system, part of the broader unified communications and collaboration picture. Social collaboration is de facto one of the main areas of social business, simply said the use of social technologies, principles and mechanisms characterizing the social phenomenon. In practice, most social collaboration is cloud-based collaboration and mainly revolves around connected information and knowledge.

Obviously all forms of collaboration are ‘social’ but they don’t all use the typical processes and connected/distributed functions of a ‘social and connected’ Web 2.0 reality. The adoption of social collaboration tools has skyrocketed in recent years with the advent of new solutions, the inclusion of social features and tools within enterprise collaboration environments and the use of more personal social collaboration platforms on the work floor (remember consumerization) as some key drivers. [Read more...]

Nicola Millard

12 top tips to improve your customer experience

Continuing with our festive Yuletide blogs, Nicola Millard shares her top 12 tips for improving your customer experience.

  1. Make things easy for customers. Given customers are more likely to do business with you if you make things easy, think how you could build ‘easy’ measures and processes into your customer experience.
  2. Think about how webchat can be used to help keep your customers online, cross-sell, upsell and improve ‘digital only’ interactions. [Read more...]
Craig Chadburn

Grab a slice of our Yule blogs

We’re always keen on celebrating here at Let’s Talk, and this Christmas season is no different. We’ve compiled our favourite snippets from across 2013 into a series of posts to keep you occupied from here until the New Year.

[Read more...]