Nicola Millard

On bananas, boots or books: unravelling the omnichannel conundrum

By Nicola Millard, Customer Experience Futurologist BT

Where would you buy bananas, boots or books?

I’d probably buy my bananas in-store, because I want to check how ripe or bruised they are. Boots I might want to try on and see how they look but I might also opt to buy online and return them if they don’t fit. Books I would almost certainly buy online — either in physical or digital form.

You may have different preferences, though. We all have different goals and motivations when we buy. These are also likely to change with circumstances — if the book is a Christmas present and it’s Christmas Eve, I will probably go in-store and buy the paperback. If I have a hole in my shoe and it’s raining, buying boots online is probably not my first priority. If bananas are part of a big weekly shop, I’ll probably order them online. [Read more…]

Nicola Millard

Tomorrow’s consumer: the next generation of online shoppers

By Nicola Millard, Customer Experience Futurologist, BT

Technology has fundamentally changed the way that we shop – the internet has given us more choice and more information about prices, product and ethicality than ever before. The smart phone has literally delivered the ability to shop anytime, anyplace, anywhere and with a full range of ever more sophisticated apps. Younger consumers especially have grasped this functionality with both hands and have turned into super connected, super demanding and super savvy consumers. Technology has fuelled the way that young people connect with retailers over multiple channels.

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Craig Chadburn BT GS Social Media Lead

An October-fest

We always keep one eye on the future and, to be one step ahead, it’s important to stay informed of all the latest trends and innovations. Here’s a collection of our latest articles and infographics from October to keep you up to date with the newest technological developments and give you a flavour of global innovation…

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Nicola Millard

Are reports of the high street’s death greatly exaggerated?

By: Nicola Millard, Customer Experience Futurologist, BT

It is easy to see the effects of our changing shopping habits on our local high streets. Are we turning into a nation of online shoppers? Is the high street becoming irrelevant? Or is there an upcoming renaissance linked with convenience and the fact that we are no longer doing a weekly ‘big shop’ anymore.

New technologies, the changing structure of family life and financial pressures caused by a long and deep recession have observably changed the way that we shop, possibly forever. Significant players of the past are now struggling as relative newcomers exploit consumer cynicism by providing new choices, new technologies and new value options.

So are we all becoming disloyal, connected and virtualised consumers? [Read more…]

Nicola Millard

Can Your Contact Centre Agents (and Managers) Leap Tall Buildings

The world of work is getting more complex. As technology takes away the routine, mundane and predictable, we humans are left to do the heavy lifting. Few professions are immune to the march of the machines – and contact centres, in particular, are having to rise to new challenges.

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