Super agent

Super agent saves the day

These days, customers are very happy and comfortable with self-service. They’d much rather look something up on a website or pay for something online; they like to help themselves rather than pick up the phone because it’s an easier, more efficient and quicker way of solving problems.

Does this mean the contact centre is dead? [Read more...]

Nicola Morris

Top tips to take on tomorrow

Guest blog by Nicola Morris, Managing Director, 24

It’s easy to sound like a lunatic when you’re talking about the future. There are examples of it throughout history — Harry Warner, of Warner Bros., saying that no one would ever want to hear actors talk, Decca Records favouring Brian Poole and the Tremeloes over The Beatles, or the chairman of IBM in 1943 saying that there was only a market for five computers, globally.

We can look back on these predictions now and, with the gift of hindsight, see them in all their amusing glory. Most people, for the sake of their reputation, steer clear of trying to anticipate what’s around the corner. However, for Eurest’s latest webcast with BT, I and a few other choice panellists nailed our colours to the mast and shared our best guesses about what lies around the corner for workplaces. [Read more...]

customer relationships

Bring your own underpants

The Future of Customer Relationships: Super Agents Apply Here

Nicola herself a regular contributor on this blog, picked up a great award this month from the London and South East Contact Centre Forum, for an outstanding contribution to industry.

She picked up the award in front of leading proponents of the contact centre industry at their annual awards ceremony in London.

We reckon it’s a well-deserved award given Nicola’s close connection to the contact centre industry. [Read more...]


An appetite for innovation

By Andrew Barry, Managing Director, Eurest

The way we work is undergoing change at a phenomenal pace. Developments in technology mean that we can work in the way we want to — where we began by taking our work to the coffee shop, we’re beginning to bring that coffee shop into the office. High performance wi-fi, bring your own device (BYOD) and collaboration tools have all come together to give us a work experience that’s unlike anything we’ve seen before.

With all the change that we’ve experienced up to this point, it’s baffling to think about what might be around the corner. The future of our offices and workspaces is a massive topic, with predictions and expectations ranging from robots that’ll sort our paperwork to slightly more realistic (but still pleasingly futuristic) interactive work surfaces. [Read more...]

round table discussion

A crystal ball (webcast) on the workplace of the future

Regular readers know that when it comes to predicting the future of our workplaces, the first name that often springs to mind is that of our Customer Experience Futurologist, Dr. Nicola Millard. Well, you’re not alone; other organisations are now turning to her too.

Her ability to combine psychology with technology gives her a unique perspective on how to help organisations deal with what lies ahead. This makes her an ideal participant in Eurest’s ‘workplaces of the future’ webcast. Eurest – part of the global, market-leading Compass Group – creates contemporary foodservice solutions from the tea room to the boardroom and everything in between. [Read more...]